What’s Up? (England Day Three)

Shopping at the Quay.
If Saturday was the party, Sunday was the rough morning after. If my recollection is right (and it’s been almost three weeks, so who knows), the day started late. It started with a nice walk through Southampton’s parks, a delicious waffle at Sprinkles Gelato, a bit of shopping at Forbidden Planet, free entertainment courtesy of the goofy dogs, children, and birds around town. I think what broke me, in its absurdity and novelty, was running into a pan flute street-performer. A man in Native American clothing, who very well have actually been a Native American, who knows, was playing the theme from Titanic (Céline Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” 1997).  It was pretty wild.

I liked Southampton, a lot. It’s a city of the perfect size. Everything was, at the most, twenty minute’s walk away. After a bit of window shopping and walking around, we sat down for a delicious meat platter at the Mediterranean restaurant off of Oxford Street, The Flying Dutchman. Cocktails were had, though I forget what I ordered exactly–though I know it had Frangelico in it. Southampton’s the type of town, in my short experience, where you could hear a big’ol’boat-horn go off whenever, and seagulls waking you up in the middle of the night. A nautical town, in certain parts, thought it was baffling how hard it was to get fish and chips. One restaurant straight-up ran out of fish, another fish-shop just closed too early for us to eat at, so me and my friend gave up and ordered pizza.

I know, I know. Pizza again? Look, I promise, the food and adventures pick up from here. These first three days are all about landing, relaxing, and preparing for the adventure ahead. The next five days are packed.


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