What’s Up? (7/4/15)

Cold Shower
For a solid three weeks, or more, I haven’t been taking hot showers. I suppose a particularly hot day could have set off this trend, the type of day that’s so sticky and humid that a steamy shower doesn’t sound refreshing. I can’t objectively say “cold showers are so much better that hot showers” but after a few weeks I have a few ideas about why I prefer them. For starters, while being hit with cool water can be refreshing, it doesn’t have the same hypnotic effect as warm water. You can get lost in a steamy shower, letting yourself spend more time inside because it feels good. There’s also something falsely “natural” about the cold shower, like you’re standing underneath a cool spring waterfall or something. I throw on Spotify’s “Neo Disco” playlist, hop in, maybe dance a little, and when the shower’s all over the mirror isn’t fogged up, my skin isn’t dried out, and I don’t have that negative sensation of having the warm water on my body turn suddenly cold.

Month of Zen
So, Comedy Central, bless them, has been streaming every single episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in chronological order, nonstop from June 26th to… well gee, I guess a month after that. Anyways it’s been fantastic. At some point I tuned in, and Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell were fighting about reality television, specifically Survivor. Super 2000. By last night, the stream was at October 2001, and I watched from October 25th to November 3rd or 4th… And man I wish I knew about The Daily Show back then. The anti-fear mongering and, “America Freaks Out” segments… Even during dark times, Jon Stewart was all about keeping people laughing and thinking critically, instead of turning to fear and prejudice. Right now, we’re in February 2002–The Winter Olympics of Salt Lake, Utah. Which… now that I think about it… I think my family might have been in Key West during those Winter Olympics. I specifically remember watching some Winter Games in Key West… hmm… maybe those were the 2006 Torino games.

Whatever. I love Jon Stewart, and this Month of Zen is amazing. What a time machine.

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