What’s Up? (7/11/15)

Steven Universe

There’s a number of things going on in my world, but I want to talk about a very specific, important thing, in this special 7-11 edition of What’s Up? Steven Universe. It’s a cartoon on Cartoon Network. It’s the first on the network created by a woman, Rebecca Sugar. It’s about a boy, Steven, who grows up and lives with these three magical aliens called The Crystal Gems. You simply must watch it. The show looks and sounds beautiful. It deals with such real issues, especially for a show that is in part, for children. I’m incredibly thankful to my good friend Innes for introducing me to Steven Universe and, the same way they shared this magical show with me, I’m now trying to pass on to others in my life. So just last night me and a new friend watched just about, maybe nine episodes? It was amazing, and I caught her singing songs from Steven Universe, so I feel like she’s found the love. I mean this show is really, really adorable, but with complicated and realistic undertones.

It’s a testament to the show’s strength that the episodes reward multiple viewing and analysis. I’m not sure what else I can say really, except that I’ve given serious thought to producing video content about Steven Universe.


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