What’s Up? (7/21/15)

First Dates
I have to say, having only had three first dates in my life, that having a good first date is one of those incredible life moments. You don’t struggle to talk, you’re really happy to be with this person, even if you don’t know them all that well, and you overstay your welcome at whatever establishment you chose — talking hours after you finished your food or ordered your last drink. Of course, the funny thing about a really good first date is that it probably means you’ll not have another for some time. The thing that’s uncertain to me right now, is the “date” quality of this thing that happened last Saturday. It felt like a date, but it could very well be the start of a friendship, and I guess that uncertainty is just a matter of fact for 2015.

Honestly, I need to keep reminding myself that I haven’t been looking for work that long, and that I shouldn’t panic about the state of my job search, but what the heck is up with Hiring Managers not writing back to even confirm the job application was received? I may very well be approaching fifteen or so applications, a number of which came after this critical moment where my resume was revamped and my cover letter style altered. I talked to one serious employer over the phone. Now, if the numbers are that you only hear back from 1 in 10, I guess I’m not doing so bad. “It’s a numbers game.” I get it, I do… But this doesn’t feel like I’m doing alright.

Formula Update
The news came this weekend that Jules Bianchi passed away. Absolutely terrible. Absolutely no question that the incident in Suzuka should never have been a possibility. People need to be paid to imagine horrible outcomes and prevent them before they happen. Now a young man is dead. That feeling in my stomach last year… The 2014 Japanese Grand Prix, just sitting in front of the television as rain poured, all the while knowing that you could do nothing. Bianchi may have just passed away, but there’s no mistaking it, as morbid as it may be, I was there, watching this race early in the morning, when a young Frenchman lost his life in Japan, and that really disturbs me. And I’ll be watching this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix, and I wonder what the atmosphere will be. Will we go beyond a moment of silence?


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