What’s Up? (8/4/15)

So, I’m not going to have internet in my apartment until (8/14/15)… and that really puts a damper on, well, almost everything in my life. Shopping on Amazon sucks when you try to do it on a tiny phone, you can’t really look for work the same way, and while you’re using your phone you chew up data.

So what am I doing instead? If I can’t watch TV or browse the web with complete freedom? Truth be told I’m listening to a lot of radio, and I’m thinking about picking up one of these unread books on my shelf.

So I guess not having the internet is not the worst thing for productivity. You can’t do much in the realm of job searching, but you can go on walks, ride your stationary bike, and learn about your local radio stations’ regularly scheduled programming.

With ten days left, I think I’ll more than manage. I think I’ll come out of this with a greater appreciation for internet and cable that I had so taken for granted before.


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