What’s Up? (8/15/15)

Two Weeks In Squirrel Hill
So, these last two weeks have been a blur. There was the move-out, smooth, and with beer and food in-between all the big stuff. Then there was unpacking in the new place, a process you convince yourself will only take two days but ends up consuming the whole first week. There were visits to the old place, so that you could use television, and a good, strong internet (rather than free public WiFi). There was also cleaning up the old place, which, I can’t report on too closely. I took care of my room, a little vacuuming, wiped the old bathroom, but I largely trusted that everyone would do their part and we’d leave the place mostly clean? There were dates. There was making coffee with a French Press for the first time.

There was a lot of radio.

I mean, with no television and basically no internet streaming, radio became the media available to consume. It was actually pretty fun to tune into the same station every day and night, checking to see what music was being played that hour. “What was the theme?” I figured out my favorite program on 91.3 WYEP was this Friday night old-school hip hop, funk, groove station. Two hours every Friday, this guy, Selecta, plays songs that my SoundHound app can’t even find. It’s mixed well, it’s got variety, and I love it so much that I hate to think about missing it. Though, isn’t that inevitable? Ideally, aren’t you going to be doing something on a Friday night from 6-8PM rather than just listening to the radio?

Even if I listen to less of it now, thanks to getting internet and cable, I still really appreciated the Radio these last two weeks.

Thanks radio.


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