What’s Up? (8/20/15)

A Lapse
Starting Wednesday the experiment of writing one thousand words a day came to a halt. The writing experiment came to halt because I was doing things. I was living life and having fun with Innes. In that case, I don’t care too much about not achieving an artificial goal. I mean, if life is too busy to stop and write about it, that’s almost a positive thing. I like to have a record here, of what goes on in my life, but it’s not so bad when I don’t go into major details about the joy of hanging out with my best friend. That happened, and I couldn’t possibly commit that to memory without ruining the experience. Isn’t the inherent fun of being together that you don’t over think things? You just let your mind lapse into a free flowing state where conversation moves, and feelings move, and you constantly have to ask yourself; “Where is my thought process? Thought process. Thought process.”

And if you can’t remember what’s up, you’re still hanging out with Bub so it doesn’t matter.


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