What’s Up? (9/3/15)

Back In The Game
The plan is to apply myself even harder to the task of finding work. New month, fresh restart, new strategies. On day two, I ran into one of the most egregiously designed job applications ever. I penned a T-form cover letter for the first time, which was good experience. I attached my favorite professor’s letter of recommendation. I spent over an hour, taking a personality quiz, and filling out forms. Then, at stage 12 out of 12, a survey: how many years have you worked in the ____ industry? Have you ever worked in ____? I answered. The survey found that I was ineligible to work because I failed to meet their requirements. Two hours were down the drain. I saw those cold words: “Sorry.” Sorry you don’t have as many years of experience as we’re looking for. Except, that was never a part of the job description. Even  if it was, and I was trying to shoot above my weight, why not put that survey at stage 1 out of 12? Why make me fill out form after form, and take a personality quiz, only to have the last stage lock me out?

The last thing I need is to feel like I’ve wasted my time. You don’t need to hire me if I don’t meet your requirements, but let me feel like I had a shot.  A little courtesy is all I ask.


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