What’s Up? (9/30/15)

Make This Quick
I need to go to sleep soon (it’s already 9:30 PM, which for the first time in over a year, has become a regular bedtime again), so I’ll make this quick. September 2015 is going to be over very soon, and its been a really important month for me. For a week now, I’ve been commuting to one of my most favorite neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, for an awesome job. At that job, I’m learning valuable skills, occasionally petting dogs, and coming into a lot of knowledge about Boston sports culture. It’s great, and Lawrenceville is so exciting to be in. I’ve seen When Marnie Was There (2014) and AKIRA (1988) in theatres at Row House Cinema, had vegan meatballs at Brillobox, seven cappuccinos from Espresso a Mano, mushroom soup from Cafe Coca, a margarita from Round Corner Cantina, and a less adventurous chicken sandwich from Wendy’s.

September was good, and I’m really looking forward to working straight through October, wearing scarves, Halloween, and throwing some cocktail parties, hopefully.


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