What’s Up? (10/21/15)

Little Time Before Midnight
There’s about an hour until Midnight, so I’m very close to writing a What’s Up? (10/22/15). I wanted to write in because I think I’ve committed to an exercise routine; I’ve only gone three days in a row, but that’s a start. 10 Minutes a day, 30 minutes a night. It’s simple, and it works for me. I make myself do a little in the morning to get my day started, I do more at night because I’m already awake and I have a day’s worth of calories to chip away at. I think a big difference between this plan, and the exercise plans of my past–is that I’m out of school. I don’t have study sessions or homework that can get in the way of a simple goal. Bike a little bit every day. Slowly begin to bike more, and harder, over time. It’s not a weight loss goal. But it might help me lose weight.

Today is “Back To The Future Day” for what it’s worth. In Back To The Future, Part II, The Chicago Cubs made it to the 2015 World Series. It’s the top of the eighth, and the New York Mets lead the Cubs in what may be the final game of the National League Championship Series.

And as I write, Daniel Murphy just batted his 6th straight home run in a postseason game.

That does it.

The Mets are going to the World Series… how can they not?

This is so exciting for me, but I’m also awfully excited for my family. I’m so happy that my family can see a Mets World Series again. The fact that Daniel Murphy just hit ANOTHER home run hasn’t really settled in. It’s an amazing feat. Totally unbelievable. The man is on fire…

And yet, I’m going to pass out soon. I have Thursday ahead of me.


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