What’s Up? (12/7/15)

I was completely prepared for a normal Monday. Bus to Lawrenceville, cappuccino at Espresso a Mano, start work; in that order, nothing different.

And then a Border Collie ran up to me in front of Piccolo Forno. Dumbfounded, I greeted the dog, but didn’t know what else to do. He was a little mangy looking. Some leaves, grass, or dirt around his paws. He jumped up on me to say Hi, and while it was cute, I was also apprehensive.

And then this Border Collie ran into the street full of oncoming traffic, and I suddenly became very protective of this dog. I got it back onto the sidewalk, where it ran to Espresso a Mano, after greeting several citizens of Lawrenceville in passing. At Espresso a Mano, as luck would have it, the dog was stopped by a man named Paul. I talked to Paul, suggesting that I knew a place where we could get a collar and leash around the dog. Paul picked up the dog, who we now know was named Bow, and got him into his car.

We drove to the office where I work, put a leash on Bow, and I said my farewells, thanking Paul and wishing him good luck. Everything turned out okay for Bow and Paul, and it turns out that Paul is a really chill dude, and a folk musician.

That’s what a runaway dog will do though. Throw your day in a mix, and introduce you to some cool people, because the people who stop to take care of a dog are going to be interesting in one way or another.

While I’m on interesting things, lets talk Cachaca. The Brazilian liquor I couldn’t get my hands on for the Brazilian Grand Prix, even when I asked my local store about it. Turns out, my store carries Cachaca, they just didn’t know it.

So what the hell is it, and why is it interesting? My short pitch for Cachaca is this: It’s the middle ground between Rum and Tequila. Not as harsh as Tequila, but more complicated tasting then Rum. And it goes great with freshly squeezed limes and two sugar cubes. Caipirinhas they’re called. I’m not following the recipe to a T, but it’s good, damn good!

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