What’s Up? (12/21/15)

No, Really
This may go down as one of the most turbulent months for me, as far as my feelings on things have gone. I look at that post on the 1st about taking care of myself and I think that I’ve been making excuses. The reality is that I crashed pretty hard this month. I only did three 40-minute exercise routines the whole month so far. I don’t feel that great all the time. I spend a lot of time in my apartment napping because I feel tired. Eating poorly isn’t a way to feed my soul and “giving myself a gift” it’s ultimately just because I don’t feel great and I want the cheapest, fastest, gratification, even if it’s not healthy.

All Downs Have Ups
Turbulence goes both ways though. As much as some moments this month sucked and left me feeling stressed or depressed, there were others where I felt top of my game. The work Christmas Dinner, singing Warren G with P, street noodles, and an unconscionable amount of wine… A walk through Squirrel Hill where I discovered a place where I could see Downtown Pittsburgh. That time I stayed home from work and saw a rainbow stretch across Squirrel Hill?

Packaging Time
Time is moving so fast. I cannot believe Christmas is in four short days. And this speed of life makes it so easy to lose track of things. The whole point of this blog is to keep track of things because otherwise I’d forget myself.

“How have things been?”
“I don’t know… let me check.”

Especially in this mode of operation where my mood swings and things can change so quickly… I feel like this month I’ve probably done a disservice by listing so much positive when it’s really more mixed. I wouldn’t package December as a 100% great month, you know?


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