What’s Up? (1/8/16)

Setting Things Straight
2016 Started a week ago, so I thought it was about time to post something here. Uninspired as it may be. Now, I have to say that while I may not be inspired to write anything here really, it’s not because things have been bad. Really, when are the times that I post most frequently? 1. When things are really good and 2. When things are bad. Otherwise I kind of just check in here and there.

So I think it’s telling that I closed 2015 / started 2016 by reviewing movies. Writing review for music and movies used to be my bread and butter, the thing I obsessed about back in High School. I had Blogger, Blogspot, Webly, etc; a lot of places to dump reviews, and most really aren’t good enough to share here. But, suppose I feel like reviewing things again? That might get the blood flowing again. There’s only so many times I can come here and write down “This week was okay” so maybe I can write more reviews?

I want to write more things in general, I suppose. Like…

Here’s A Dumb Screenplay
A comically bad space program launches an astronaut into orbit for what’s supposed to be a 4 hour trip around the Earth, but overshoots, and now they don’t know how long he’ll be up there for. The rival space program (also comically bad) does the exact same to their cosmonaut, and now the two doomed men in space only have each other for company.



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