What’s Up? (1/15/16)

Malachite and Azura
Not sure how this slipped any entries but… last Friday a friend moved into Lawrenceville and the weekend was crazy. (For me at least.) Dancing at Spirit isn’t exactly part of my normal weekend, though I almost wish it was.

“I don’t know my future after this weekend… and I don’t want to.”

Something else happened last weekend, a New Moon. A significant ritual day in most Wiccan circles. And as someone exploring and reading about Wicca from time to time, I decided to create a little lunar ritual of my own. On my left, the stone Malachite, and on my right, the stone Lapis Lazuli. Now, since these are supposed to be goddesses, I gave Lapis Lazuli the name “Azura” after the daedric princess in the Elder Scrolls.

I decided this would be a meditative experience, with candles, water, quiet, and a lot of self-discussion. I used this time to talk to myself about what I liked, and didn’t like, about how I was living my life.

Malachite, green and swirling, tumultuous, represented my more immediate desires, the physical, greed, sex, impulses, junk food; not all bad things, but bad without balance. Azura, blue with pyrite sparkles, calming and deep, represented the more ethereal aspects of life, love, happiness, health, exploration, betterment…

Sound hokey? Well, I improvised an entire faux-religious meditative experience on the spot, so there are kinks to work out… but this is how it helped.

  1. Since that night, I have refocused efforts to eat better and exercise every day.
  2. Since that night, I have limited physical gratification greatly, in order to shift to mental gratification.
  3. Last night (1/14/15) I chose to eat at a different, new place to me, with foods not entirely up my alley, as opposed to the same old pub food. This being a Malachite vs. Azura decision: do I go with the instant gratification of a burger and fries and beer? Or do I walk to the Thai wine bar, and just give something new a chance? Turns out this decision had a ripple effect, and well, I’m glad I went Azura on that.

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