What’s Up? (1/31/16)

I think this blog deserves at least one sane, non-cryptic entry this month. Honestly, a shame the way the January blogs paint this month. I hardly wrote anything of value, it’s not befitting of either an English Major, or someone who purports to run a diary blog to keep track of their life.

I think the path of my January was paved by the morning I woke up in 2016. When I got back into Pittsburgh I was determined to get back to exercising regularly, trying new things, wicca, reading; dating.

I tweeted on New Years Eve: “Witchcraft Health Outfit Hair Books #NewYearsResolutionIn5Words”

Witchcraft: Check. I put what I learned to use largely as a way to supplement meditation. The Wicca vibes make meditation more fun, that’s what it comes down to–it works for me.

Health: Check. I’ve biked a lot in January. I ran outside today. (It was 63 degrees). Am I eating better? Not particularly and IDGAF. I want to keep in shape and shave off some of what I eat. Judging from how well I was able to jog, I think I’ve definitely improved my physical condition.

Outfit: I really haven’t made any strides here, I don’t think. There aren’t many wardrobe changes or additions I can think of.

Hair: Growing longer. Face, getting beardy. Shave no longer, hair now longer.

Books: Can’t say I’ve really read any books this January. I’ve made progress in some audiobooks, but it doesn’t feel the same. (Sorry Audible).

And well. That leaves dating, right? Which leads us to biscuits; coffee, eggs, bacon, brunch, and in general cuteness. What a weekend to close out 2016.



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