What’s Up? (2/8/16)

Lunar New Year
Another New Moon, another time to think about how things have gone. Honestly? They’ve been going well. Despite a cold that’s now been going on for a week, things have absolutely been good. I don’t let the cold get to me mentally, and physically I continue to bike, jog (once a week), and I even went for a pretty decent park walk on Sunday.

(And being outdoors in the company of an awesome person was the superior part of my Sunday, I might add, with Super Bowl 50 being underwhelming as all hell, even as someone who did not hype the game very much at all.)

But, yes, another Lunar cycle begins, and absolutely everything I promised myself I would do during the last New Moon came true, more or less. I fulfilled the promises I made to myself. Now, as I discussed on (1/15/16) these promises were more or less made to third-party imaginary entities, as part of a New Moon ceremony. While fun, I don’t want to give the illusion that I’m buying into Wicca exactly; I’m more or less applying some concepts into meditation and developing a self-help routine here.

That routine? Think about how things are going, every New Moon, and make some promises to yourself. (Eat better, exercise more, pursue romance, curb sexual impulses). By the next Full Moon, you better be on the way to fulfilling those promises.

So on this New Moon, as we head into the Lunar New Year, I suppose you can call these my Lunar New Year’s Resolutions.


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