Notes From The New Moon

And It Harm None, Do What Thou Wilt 
I think, generally, since the last New Moon I’ve made good on almost all of my promises. I’m physically active in new ways, jogging regularly, and going outside. I’m reading again. I can’t lie to myself, or be modest or humble about it; when it comes to turning around my general mood I’m pretty sure I’m doing really well right now. When I make promises on nights of the New Moon, I make good on them, so naturally I need to keep setting loftier goals.

Exercise more: done. Curb urges: done. Pursue love: done. Make art: done. Be productive: done.

Make a potion: Well I haven’t done that yet. Unless a few cocktails count.

So what are the promises this time around? To Malachite, the physical entity, I promise to go one week having lunches that don’t involve meat. Vegetarian lunches, not in some moral pursuit, but just because that’s my impulse, that’s my routine. Bread, cheese, meat; vary it up once in a while, but largely formulaic. For my sanity’s sake, I need to at least try and find an alternative. Maybe I can swap out a quarter pound of roast beef with some mushrooms and a tomato, or some vegetables and hummus? I make this promise because my physical form demands and deserves some variety in its diet!

To Azura, ethereal entity, I simply promise to hold fewer negative thoughts. To let go of animosities, passive aggressions — I mean, why have the capacity for negativity? Why think negatively of somebody for action or inactions that you can’t explain or fully understand? I think I’m guilty of this more often than I’d like to admit. Now, I’m not going to turn into some sucker who let’s people take advantage of him, but I think in general, holding grudges just weighs you down. I don’t have to trust or like somebody if they’ve done me wrong, but oh my do I have to move past them, for my own sake. Poof the negative feeling they contributed right out of my psyche.

This is how the Lunar “Magick” works for me — it’s more or less anthropomorphized therapy sessions, so the only magic that’s going on here is that I’m saving hundreds or thousands of dollars on therapy.


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