What’s Up? (3/16/16)

Sucks to have a string of days where the defining characteristic is how sick you are. I’ve had this sore throat and cough, which is almost the secondary source of frustration. Worse is the night sweats I’m getting; I can open the window and throw off all the blankets, but I still wake up a sweaty mess. But what are you going to do right? Life goes on.

Thoughts on Writing 
So I just got this mechanical keyboard which makes typing a joy, a noisy, noisy joy. There’s a very real difference with mechanical keyboards, the feedback you get with each keystroke is really unlike what you get with the new membrane style of keyboard you likely have on your laptop. With this new-found positive feedback, I think I’ll draw up some goals for writing on this blog.

  1. I definitely want to write a movie review for 10 Cloverfield Lane which spoilers, I loved.
  2. I need, need, need to write a review for Art Angels by Grimes.
  3. And for that matter, I should write a review for Illmatic by Nas.
  4. And finally, I’d love to write something for the Nuzlog again, exploring what makes randomized runs in Pokemon such a fun thing to do, especially for writing narratives. I can’t help but document my gameplay whenever I do a randomized Pokemon run, the random stuff that happens is just too much fun.

EVE Online
I’ve been reading Empires of Eve by Andrew Groen, a book that tells a narrative history of EVE Online, an MMO with a surprisingly rich and interesting history. I have nothing but good things to say about this book – its captured my attention more than any book I’ve picked up in the last four or five months. The politics, treachery, and cunning tactics of players in this online videogame, and the drama that happens within it, should be read by people who are not regular video game players. There are great stories here, you just need to open up to the idea that great stories worth telling can happen in a virtual space.

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