What’s Up? (3/24/16)

Not So Sick
Good news everyone. I’m basically all better. Feeling 99% better since last week. Have not had night sweats since last Thursday/Friday, but have continued to deal with my cough, and a nasal drip causing a nasty taste in my mouth. Hey, here’s the thing though, focus on the positives. At this rate, I’m probably good to resume exercise tomorrow. Going roughly 10 days without any significant physical exercise is one of the worst things about being sick; aside from being forced to rest a lot and stay indoors, feeling like a slouchy slob is a terrible side effect of being very sick.

Formula 1
I mostly wanted to get some things off my chest about being sick and getting better, but it is worth mentioning the incredible Australian Grand Prix on March 20th. As far as Formula 1 season opening races, this is the best I’ve seen in my years of watching the support… which is to say it’s the best Australian Grand Prix I’ve seen out of 2014 and 2015. Still, a strong performance from Sebastian Vettel defined what was a very good race. Nico Rosberg, Romain Grosjean, Max Verstappen, and Jolyon Palmer also had drives worth shouting out, and anybody who watched the race knows how lucky we are to still have Fernando Alonso with us. It is so exciting to have racing back in my life; I’ve really missed staying up late, or waking up early, making a coffee, and getting comfortable with F1.


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