Weekend Timeline

Friday, April 15th
12 PM: Milano’s Pizzeria
1PM: Crazy Mocha
2PM: Puccini’s Salon
3PM: Suntanning at Schenley
4PM: Secular Alliance
5PM: Hanging Out at Schenley
6PM: Walk Home
11PM: Sleep
– – –
Saturday, April 16th
3AM: Chinese Grand Prix Qualifying
4AM: Sleep
9AM: Wake Up Again
10AM: Jerry’s Records
11AM: Bruegger’s Bagels
12PM: Tom’s
1PM: The Attic Record Store
2PM: Tom’s
3PM: Round Corner Cantina
5PM: Antique Stores
6PM: Espresso A Mano
7PM: Tom’s
9PM: Bus Home

Sunday, April 17th
12:30AM: Rite Aid for Energy Drinks
2AM: Chinese Grand Prix
4:30AM: Sleep
9AM: Wake Up


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