What’s Up? (5/30/16)

22 In Review
Having turned 23 on the 28th, I can’t help but want to broadly examine how the whole “Being 22” thing went. If it were a play in three acts, it’d go something like this: Act 1: where I spend the summer having fun in Long Island and Pittsburgh, while also dealing with the soul crushing post-graduation anxiety that makes you question all of your life choices. Act 2: Wherein I get the insider experience I need with an internship that coincides with a few personal reinventions. Let’s say at the end of Act 2 I meet someone new, but not new, and that makes everyone think Act 3 is going to go a certain way. Act 3: Wherein I get really hurt by someone new, but ultimately resolve to resume the self-progress I started in Act 2. At the end of Act 3, I have made progress in changing, having lost a little weight, becoming a neighborhood regular in Lawrenceville, a family friend in Squirrel Hill, and a friendly ghost in Oakland.

It’s a good year, and in hindsight, if I only knew last summer that it would have all ended with me getting paid at a good job, I think I would have relaxed and enjoyed it all more.


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