What’s Up? (7/15/16)

The World’s Still Fucked But At Least We Have Pokémon
It’s been a month since I’ve wrote you, blog, and when I last wrote, I wasn’t in a great mindset. The world hasn’t gotten much better, honestly, 2016 is still a dumpster fire, even if my dumpster is actually doing pretty alright.

Let’s recap as quickly as possible: what the hell happened since (6/16/16)? Well, I went back to New York from (7/1-7/10), and just before that there was a pretty high-end cocktail run on (6/30), and before that a lot of people recognized my t-shirt in downtown Pittsburgh, and before that, I forget. In New York, 30% of what I did was share Ouran High School Host Club with my best friend, 5% was spent on some dank quest, another 30% was work, another 30% was spent in home-cooked food heaven, and another 5% was spent in discussing race politics.

Woof. Like I said, the world didn’t pause for the carnage in Orlando; in fact the world saw that and said “I’d like some more please” and just keeps delivering more bad news. And yet, here I am, largely doing fine again. I’ve got my cocktails, my books, Duolingo, art, music… not sure where I’m going with this really. I have Pokémon Go? So I guess I’m doing okay.

Thought Process
I feel like a lot of projects are clicking into place. Music, art, personal life projects… I promise to deliver one of each by the end of July. This GlitchFox song I’ve been working on for, likely a year? It should be finished soon. This timelapse of Squirrel Hill? That should finally be  executed on. By the end of July, I should also be making a lot of progress on learning a new language.

Oh and, hey, I weigh 180lb! Hard to say how much I’ve lost in how much time… but I know I’ve weighed close to, if not over 200lb at some point in my life, likely 2014 (no bicycle in the apartment at the time, really bad eating habits).

One final thought… I look forward to decorating my bedroom in, lets say August. It hasn’t gotten nearly as much attention as my living room, and for good reason I guess. You really want your living room to look good, your bedroom just has to be comfortable. I’m going to save up so I can maybe buy a small end table or fake plant. My bedroom needs something.


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