What’s Up? (8/13/16)

For the last three weeks I’ve been on Soylent. What the hell does that mean? All it means is that at least one meal a day is this perfectly balanced 400-calorie drink. Maybe it’s breakfast, maybe it’s lunch – it will never be dinner because dinner is too good – but the important thing is that it’s doing the trick. It’s substituting hard foods like sandwiches where I’m not getting everything I need in a meal, and eating more than 400 calories. Yeah, it smells like popcorn and tastes like pancake batter and cheerio milk, but the important thing is that it’s working. This is me signing up for the food substitution future, this is me doing the thing that’s right for my body, this is me on Soylent.

De La Soul
Today, after the daily jog, I was listening to “De La Soul Is Dead,” and was transported to 2015. I remember what is was like to discover that album, how I listened to it during my first months in Squirrel Hill. Looking back I can see how far I’ve come. I’ve got this routine I couldn’t imagine a year ago – me running on an almost daily basis? What are you talking about? Me going to Lawrenceville to write social media posts for a living? That sounds fake. “De La Soul Is Dead” is the begging of a great thing, moving to Squirrel Hill, evolving as a person.

De La Soul’s “Three Feet High And Rising” while chronologically first in their discography, is the second step here – as I listened to it on the way to Philadelphia on a Greyhound Bus, I think I could see the change clearly. The change is real, and it is wild. I owe it to myself to review these albums one day.



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