What’s Up? (8/21/16)

What About The Olympics?
Tune-in television is practically over. Nowadays, you really shouldn’t have to be in front of the TV during primetime to catch the best shows – everything is available on demand on the internet. This is what hurts me about the Olympic coverage in the United States. It’s this big event that only happens once every four years, but the only available viewing method is awful. Every time I turned on NBC, a four-five hour chunk of television listed a bunch of sports happening… slowly, with commercial interruption. Garbage.

Here’s what I want, and what I’m going to get (it’s only a matter of time).

  • A 10 GB file that has all of the medal-determining moments of the Olympics. No qualifying rounds or heats… just the moments that determined Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Then, with all of the Olympics’ best moments available on-demand, I’ll watch the Olympics on my own terms, as it should be. Does this all sound entitled? Does it sound like I should just learn to read a schedule and watch the damn Olympics like everyone else? Wrong, wrong, wrong. Look, the ease of access given to us by the internet is a good thing, not a bad thing, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Drawing out all of the Olympics sports over hours and hours with commercial interruption is not to your benefit. Being spoon-fed the inspirational stories of United States competitors is not to your benefit. What you want to watch, when you want to watch it. That’s the only way I could possibly enjoy the Olympics, quite frankly.



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