What’s Up? (8/30/16)

Next Level 
I feel like I’ve recently taken my running routine to the next level. I used to run and walk to the park, then run all the way down the Panther Hollow lower trail, and finally I’d walk home. All in all, it accounted for basically 1 mile of running, 2 miles of walking.

Now, I can run all the way to the park, and run more of the Panther Hollow lower trail – where I used to stop at a stone bridge, I now run over it to another landmark. All told, that’s only another 30 seconds of running but crossing that threshold made me realize how much more I could run. Though, running the Pittsburgh Grand Prix circuit also made me realize how much running I was capable of.

So the good news is that, most days, I can just pop on some Future Funk and Vaporwave and just run. I can run from my front door to the edge of Oakland, and then I need a break. After that though, I can even run back uphill to my house again. I’m shy of running 3 miles, but I am definitely clocking in 2 miles of running some days.

The other big thing in August I feel I have to talk about is… Tenchi Muyo? I should be watching Stranger Things, but some nostalgia found its way into my life in the form of Tenchi Muyo — an anime that I half-watched growing up on Toonami. It’s really hard to recommend Tenchi Muyo; if you like harem anime… well first I guess it depends why you like harem anime right? But it’s not like this show is good for shippers, there’s like no romantic tension, and this show’s not great for people who are looking for sexual tension either and what are you doing looking for that? Oh, who am I to judge? 

Okay, then why did I watch a whole bunch of Tenchi Muyo this month? Well, to satisfy a nostalgic craving, for one thing. Tenchi was a show I watched when it came on, or when a friend would put it on when I went to his house, but I never put together the story. I remembered that it was a story about a boy who lived with, like, 6 female aliens – that’s all. As a kid, it turns out I was watching Tenchi Universe, a remake of Tenchi Muyo. Over a decade later, I’m watching the original and, the reason I’m seeing it through is the story and the characters.

I think that’s what I kind of like about harems; Negima, Tenchi, Ouran, all have cringe-worthy parts in them, but they all have characters you can grow to love, and stories that develop around them. In Tenchi Muyo’s case, it’s this huge space opera more or less, even if it all takes place on Earth. Does that make sense? We have aliens and demigods who live for millennia settling scores and looking for “ultimate power,” people from “The Galactic Academy” and the “Galaxy Police,”  and they all converge on this tiny cast of characters who spend a lot of time sweeping the yard in front of a Japanese shrine.

Gosh this show is so hard to recommend. So I’m actively not recommending it. Tenchi Muyo is boring as hell, the actions of characters are largely predictable, and yet — at the end of each OVA when bad guys are introduced and things start happening, it’s all worth it. All the time spent watching this characters sweep floors, do chores, and fight over Tenchi, comes to a head when everything you learned about them in the last 4 episodes suddenly matters in the fight against the next big bad. I look forward to watching Tenchi Universe, and most everything Tenchi-related I can get my hands on so I can get this out of my system and get back to watching Sailor Moon.


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