What’s Up? (11/1/2016)

An Update 
I said before that “I’m almost coming on the 1-year anniversary of dedicating myself to a better, more exercise-filled life, but more on that 10/10” though it turned out that the one year anniversary of this event was in fact 10/19, not 10/10. Moot point, since I never wrote a blog on the one-year anyway. I do have something to say on the matter though, and it’s very self-congratulatory

From 10/31/2015 to 10/31/2016, I exercised on 52% of my days. I marked each day on a piece of paper, which I then translated into a graphic which very much represents the obsessive part of my brain. It’s not orderly, but blue squares are exercise, and white squares are skip days. Third row down? That’s December 2015. Of course that was my lazy month. workout-calendar-2

Still, the further down the rows you get, the more likely those blue squares are running days, and not biking days. Today, (10/31/2016 in actuality) I put in 3 miles of running, easily. I can undoubtedly say that running has become something I can’t imagine myself turning back on.

I freeze up what people ask what’s been going on in my life. Besides work? I guess this. Besides work I have put a lot of effort into reshaping my life literally and figuratively.


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