Soul Swapped: 2017 Edition

Every now and then, I love to sit down and play a randomized Pokemon game. I’ve written about this a lot over the years. In fact, The Nuzlog may have been one of the first things I tried writing on this blog. As far back as 2013, there are entries where I write notes, detailing out the play-through in an immersive, role-playing fashion.


Well, I think that’s just one way to keep the memory of the play-through alive. I’m not the type to record videos of every randomized run, though I’ve done that in the past. I’m not a streamer, I don’t talk over videos, so writing has always been how I tried to infuse some character into my notes.

Okay, but why Pokemon?

Randomizing Pokemon games breaks down the human design and structure, and replaces it with chaos and mystery. As a child, I never knew what was around the corner in a Pokemon game. As an adult, even if I’m not actively spoiling myself, I can read the signposting to figure out what’s going on. As a result, the games feel easier and easier as I grow up — they’re still fun, but not because they’re challenging. But in a randomized game, the chaos and mystery I experienced as a child is still there. It’s so much fun to see what’s around each corner, who’s in the gyms, what Pokemon trainers use, that randomizing a Pokemon game is practically an annual thing for me.

Which brings me to the last run I did, a randomized Pokemon Silver run for the GBC, played on legit GBC hardware —  no accelerated emulation, it had to be played in real time, so grinding out levels would take hours, not minutes. Since Pokemon Silver was remade as Pokemon Soul Silver, I affectionately call these randomized runs “Soul Swapped” — again, there’s a history there spanning back to 2014 on this blog.


The game presented me with Grimer, Kadabra, and Dugtrio as possible starters. I love the purple poison types introduced in Gen I, as they were always the villain’s Pokemon, so Grimer was the obvious choice even though it was disadvantaged against Kadabra and Dugtrio. What followed over the next 20 hours and 21 minutes was a nostalgic, but fresh play-through of Pokemon Silver, which was one of the first games I really enjoyed as a child (if not the first).

I’ve left a record of each of the gym trainers and Elite Four members encountered during the initial Johto leg of the adventure. My trainer, Krystal, would go on to train that Grimer, Slimey Gal, until the very end, along with a Magneton, Magnetique, a Blastoise, Kaiju (named so because he knew Fire Blast, which reminded me of turtle-Kaiju like Gamera), a Starmie, Beast II (named so because they replaced Entei as a Legendary Beast), a Raichu, Blackthorn, (named so because she was received as a gift Pikachu by the Dragonmaster in Blackthorn City), and finally, a Pupitar named Reptar.

I don’t know what to say. I have an urge to record the results of these randomized runs because they are truly unique. I have had that urge since 2013. I have no intentions of stopping. Pokemon got into my system when I was a six-year-old kid, and boy, I still love this.


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