What’s Up? (5/10/2018)

I’m Turning 25

This is something I can help to think about, and with increasing frequency as my 25th birthday approaches nearer and nearer. It’s a multiple of 5, it’s the halfway point of my 20’s… and it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

And yet, there have been a few choices I’ve made this year that I think I can attribute to an underlying desire to meet that age, 25, with a renewed or reinvisioned sense of self. Such as; starting a new wardrobe of “professional” clothes for a job with no dress code, trying to be more financially independent and responsible, trying to introduce some variety into my cooking, closely tracking how often I drink, exercise, read, write, practice dutch, etc.

I’m demanding more of myself. This isn’t a bad thing, but the origin of the demand is mysterious. Do I really want to be more productive simply because I’m turning 25? Do I think 25 year olds are supposed to be more productive? I suppose with age comes maturity, and to an extent I would believe that someone who is 25 should be able to cook more meals than I’m capable of.  

As I describe it out loud, I think it’s more likely that this is a natural extension of trying to improve myself year-over-year. If I do a little bit of running in 2016, I’ll want to do more of it in 2017, and then even more running in 2018 (maybe even a 5k or two). The wardrobe change is perhaps harder to explain, other than the fact that a wardrobe should always be changing and evolving with a person, right?

If I trace my evolution from graphic tees in early college, to fancier graphic tees with infinity scarves late in college, to even fancier all-over print tees and basic v-necks post-college, I can clearly see a pattern. I’ve been trying to cultivate a more mature look for years. (So no, the new wardrobe isn’t about turning 25, it’s just about getting older in general, I guess.)

I have to thank myself for writing this, otherwise I might have believed in my own quarter-life-crisis, which would have been a bit over-dramatic.

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