What’s Up? (5/30/2018)

I saw Solo on Thursday, May 24 — I didn’t think I’d be seeing it on opening night, but thanks in part to MoviePass, there I was. I was shocked that Solo wasn’t a complete disaster or a mess, and in fact, it was actually pretty good for what it was. It was the first of a handful of pleasant surprises that I would encounter on my birthday weekend.

On Friday I enjoyed some apple cider with the S.O. at Arsenal Cider House. Beautiful weather, pleasant live music, and the company of birds in the cider garden made Friday evening especially relaxing. Fresh margherita pizza from Piazza Talarico also hit the spot; it made a really strong first impression, considering I’d never gone before. (+1 Pleasant Surprise).  

Formula One
The Monaco Grand Prix always falls on my birthday weekend, and is always a weird affair. I love it, but the races aren’t that exciting, however, I get really invested in rooting for my drivers. This year was no exception, as I was on the edge of my seat nearly the entire race hoping Daniel Ricciardo would win, as he almost did in 2016 — and thankfuly he did. (+1 Pleasant Surprise).

After the Monaco Grand Prix, I planned on going to a Pirates game on Sunday afternoon — except the weather forecast all week long called for rain, thunder, and clouds. On game day though, we had none of that — basically clear blue skies with a fair mix of clouds, but nothing bad. (+1 Pleasant Surprise). Too bad the Pirates lost, no surprise there I guess. It was still a brilliant day for ballpark snacks, beer, and cheer.

I capped off my birthday weekend with an unplanned double-birthday party, with my S.O.’s 4-year-old niece. It was really cute, and honestly such a nice, casual thing to do on your 25th birthday — I can’t remember the last time I had cake on my birthday, but I’ll remember having cake on my 25th.

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