What’s Up? (1/30/2019)

I gotta say, 2018 was a great year. Me and my significant other made a lot of amazing memories, went to a lot of Pirates games, and wrapped it all up with a great dinner on New Year’s Eve. Personally, while I might have gone running more often in 2017, I ran two 5k’s in 2018, and made longer-distance runs to South Side more of a staple and less of a special event.

There aren’t a whole lot of areas where I look back at 2018 and wish I did things differently. Maybe wish I saved more money, made some smarter decisions financially, but there were also some purchases that will probably turn out to be smart, in time. (Feel like I spent a good chunk of money on updating my professional wardrobe, dress shirts, vests, pants, etc. which is more a long term investment rather than something useful in my day-to-day). I also wish I read more often… there’s a lot of books on my shelf and it’s about time I got to reading them.

Being content / perfectly happy with how your 2018 went makes the whole “Resolutions” thing hard. When people ask, “what’s your New Year’s Resolutions” you can’t exactly say “keep doing more of the same, it’s been working out for me.” Physically, 2019 will be more of the same, with yoga maybe being more of a staple… maybe three 5k’s this year, small incremental changes. I’d love to be able to say “I’ll make time to read all the books in my apartment” but that might be a bit of a stretch. I will invest more time into DuoLingo, mixing Spanish and French into the mix this year. That’s all I gotta say though–what’s up is… I’m doing fine in 2019.

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