Yvonne: Log Four

I’ve made Pokemon Y a much more challenging game since the last entry, by sticking with B-Team Pokemon almost entirely. I just got the sixth badge: The Fairy Badge, and now the lines between A-Team and B-Team are being blurred.

Blastoise, Chestnaught, and Blaziken; the three start Pokemon I have, have not been used very recently. Heliolisk feels overpowered, but I love him.  Meowstic, though not recently used, is definitely a permanent A-Team member. And Umbreon gets to stay on the team because he’s cool, and can take a punch – he doesn’t bring much to the table offensively though.

Skrelp, despite being completely under-leveled for the Fairy Gym, used his Poison-Type advantage to great use. He won’t evolve into the Poison-Dragon that I’m looking forward to for a while, but he’ll be worth the effort. Staravia, who I thought was only good for flying, turns out to be a freaking monster, and has evolved into a Staraptor, which looks pretty awesome. Once I got the TM99: Dazzling Gleam; a Fairy-Type move with a base power of 80, I decided it was time to give Floette the Shiny Stone, allowing her to evolve into a Florges. I’m glad I experimented with a Fairy-Type, but so far Florges is really only good for her Grass-Type moves. Hippowdon continues to be an incredibly effective team member, combining Yawn, a Sandstorm-causing ability, and the ever useful Dig. And Axew evolved into a Fraxure today, despite having a very rough time in the Fairy Gym, and quite frankly, getting the crap beat out of him recently. I look forward to having a solid Dragon type, whether that be Haxorus sometime in the future, or Goodra, the evolved form of the Goomy I caught this weekend.

…And a Honedge I got from Japan evolved into a Doublade, after taking down a Mr.Mime in the Fairy Gym. This marks the fourth Pokemon that evolved today. …And I went out of my way to catch a Horsea today, because I really want a Kingdra eventually.

Basically, challenges are fun, and I’m glad I deviated from the core six of Yvonne’s team.

Meowstic Lv.47
Umbreon Lv.48
Heliolisk Lv.49
Blaziken Lv.47
Chesnaught Lv.45
Blastoise Lv.44
Hippowdon Lv.39
Fraxure Lv.39
Florges Lv.38

Skrelp Lv.34
Skaraptor Lv.34
Doublade Lv.35
Gabite Lv.31
Goomy Lv.30
Horsea Lv.29
Pangoro Lv.43
Klefki Lv.36

Yvonne: Log Two

Almost a whole week has passed since I last wrote, so let’s get caught up. There’s a solid A-Team of 5 Pokemon, who are on break right now, and a B-Team of 6 that are getting trained to fill team positions.

The A-Team
Chesnaught Lv.36
Blaziken Lv.39
Hippopotas Lv.27
Blastoise Lv.36
Meowstic Lv.36

I only have two badges, so the A-Team is dangerously close to not following my orders anymore, hence the reason they’re on break until I get to the next gym.

The B-Team
Umbreon Lv.23
Espurr Lv.18
Helioptile Lv.19
Inkay Lv.18
Kirlia Lv.20
Flabébé Lv.17

The B-Team hast two members from the GTS on it, as Helioptile and Eevee came over from Japan. Two members are fairy-type, and that’s been interesting – because fairy-type is new for everyone, and I don’t know what type of moves are out there for fairy-types.

The Online capabilities of Pokemon Y are so much better than they were in Black 2. The Global Trading System or GTS doesn’t completely suck, and I can filter out the trade offers that I don’t want to see: like ones featuring Legendary Pokemon, or Pokemon that I don’t have. Wonder Trade is also incredibly addictive; it’s a feature that lets you blindly trade Pokemon. You trade any Pokemon you want, and there’s really no limit to what you can get. I traded a Pokemon I didn’t want, and got an Abra for it, which was pretty cool. I eventually traded the evolved Kadabra for the Eevee though, since I knew I wasn’t going to use another Psychic when I already had Meowstic, and a Gardevoir in the works. I just realized that I probably made that guy from Japan’s day though, since he got an Alakazam in exchange for a Lv.1 Eevee.

I haven’t progressed very far into the game, but I’ve played a lot of Pokemon Y. I’m spending a lot more time training Pokemon that I might use, which is probably because Pokemon Y is much less grind heavy than say, Pokemon Black 2. Instead of just forcing Pokemon to fight Auduino’s in the tall grass for experience boosts, I can raise their happiness in Pokemon-Amie, and thanks to the refined Experience Share, everyone can level up at the same time. So far, so good, Pokemon Y seems to have fixed some things that have always slowed down Pokemon games for me.

Wonder Trade Update: Traded a Lv.12 Flabébé I had with a kid from Texas, who traded me a Bidoof from Germany. I needed to include this because, this is the type of stuff that Wonder Trade will do to you.