What’s Up? (9/12/16)

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I thought I’d try something different today.

How are things going? But, in pictures. Because here’s how things are going. After a mega weekend featuring old friends, another Pitt Football win, my brother, and Bruce Springsteen, I faced a Monday at the office with five hours of sleep… and thing went really well. Really, really well actually. The work I got done was good, and there was quite a bit of work.

But it all started with a Mocha, in Espresso A Mano, on a very comfortable 55 Degree day. The type of cool summer morning that says, summer is on it’s way out. And, for once, maybe I’m ready for summer to end. Ready for the transition from air conditioners to open windows, and into my long-sleeves and infinity scarves section of my wardrobe.

And then I left work and found two things that put a smile on my face. One, being the cat-lady public art someone put up in Lawrenceville; absolutely one of the best characters in all of The Simpsons. The other was the leaning Circle K sign, which, for the second time this year has been struck by a car and nearly completely destroyed. I feel bad for the Circle K but heck, it’s kinda funny.

And then; and then, and then, and then — after my 2 mile run and the beautiful weather and the future funk and the snapchatting — I came home to find my neighbor handing out bread for Eid Mubarak. Having almost fasted the whole day, by accident (nothing but a 2AM biscuit, and 3 cups of coffee) this home made bread hit the spot, with savory oils that are just asking for some hummus.


What’s Up? (12/10/14)

Finals Week
There’s only one-thousand words left between me and Winter Break. My level of productivity has been a huge boost to my energy. I suppose I don’t look energetic. I do feel optimistic as heck though. I just handed in what may be one of the better essays I’ve ever written about myself. And I just handed in one of my best essays to my best professor in all my time at the University of Pittsburgh. I am doing incredibly well.

I’m sipping down a small mocha. I’m looking out the window of Crazy Mocha. MSMR is softly humming in my ears. It’s cold out, but not unbearable. Sparrows are gathering on the roof across the street. They don’t care whether the roof is Joe Mama’s or Olio Trattoria’s.

I’m excited to finish this all soon. The last thing in my way is a research paper. If I’m lucky enough to find the right research today, I’ll finish the paper tonight. It’s not due until midnight Thursday, (12/11/14) but I don’t intend to use that much time. If I submit the paper a day early I can spend two nights relaxing. I can crack open some Bacardi and fire up Photoshop or Fruityloops.

You Are Nothing Without Feminist Art ♀
I just saw a student from the Campus Women’s Organization walk by Crazy Mocha. I never mentioned that we had a super cute pajama party last Tuesday (12/2/14). It’s true. I even met somebody who lives in the apartment below me. Life’s crazy. This semester with CWO was maybe less eye-widening than the first, but I feel like I got closer with a lot of the people there. I turned out to be more than a one-semester curiosity, and I think that made a big difference. I’m showing my funny side more often. I’m getting “likes” on Facebook from people I thought would never “like” my dumb jokes. It’s a weird thing to be energized by, but that’s what it’s doing. This positive attention is having a super positive affect on my life. I can’t wait to be on the Vagina Monologues board next year. The next semester at Pitt is going to be my last, and I’m excited to make the most out of it.

What’s Up? (4/6/14)


First Race Weekend: This weekend was all about Formula-1 Racing. “All about” it in that I woke up at 10 AM on two different occasions to watch the qualifying and proper Bahrain Gran Prix races. This new-found Formula-1 interest is all thanks to Giant Bomb’s “Alt-F1” podcast featuring Drew Scanlon and Danny O’Dwyer from Giant Bomb and Gamespot respectively. For two weeks and four hours, I listened to them talk about the Melbourne and Malaysian circuits and the various ins and outs of F1 Racing. I got an idea of what this season of F1 was going to look like (unpredictable) and who people are rooting for this year (anybody but Vettel). The Bahrain race was incredibly fun to watch, and it was a great first race. There was a crash, there were close calls, game-changers, neck and necks, and controversy! I’m excited about Formula-1, it’s official.

First Coffee: On a technicality I have had Coffee-products before, like Mocha Frappuccinos, Coffee Ice Creams, and that one time I had a cup of Espresso with Anisette. However, today was the first time I had a hot cup of Coffee – French Vanilla from Dunkin Donuts.  The flavor was very familiar, so on some level I almost feel like I was spoiled, but I really liked it. I see myself going straight for “regular” coffee next, with cream and sugar, so it’s not diluted with French Vanilla or other flavors.  We’ll see then if a lifetime of Coffee-flavored things has prepared me for the real thing… I now remember Coke Blak, a Cola-Coffee blend that was available years ago; me and a friend got bottles of it one day before Middle School thinking we were so cool, only to find the product absolutely horrible. I was burping up Coke Blak the whole day thinking I was going to die, and that the combined Caffeine of Coke and Coffee would surely kill me. Remember, I was like 11 or 12, so these weren’t the clearest thoughts ever.

First Reply: A piece of art I started and finished in a mad three-to-four hour rush last night was seen by the woman who was the source photographer and subject. She posted the picture on Reddit’s Gonewild Subreddit three days ago, and I thought the pose was – as she described it – classy. I used it for reference in a pixel-art piece, and she loved it. It made a real difference to know how happy my art work was able to make somebody; I often act with that intention in mind, to make people happy. I have a fan now, it seems!