“Olly Muk” Pokemon Illustrations Inspired by Olly Moss

Olly Muk Final

If you’re not familiar with Olly Moss’ work, you should go check it out, because it’s incredible. I believe a lot of people would describe his work as “minimalist,” though one should be careful to remember that minimalism is not the same as “lacking detail.” Anyways, Olly Moss has these fantastic illustrations of Pokemon that use interesting color palettes and gradients that breath new life into these decade-old designs. Olly Moss worked on Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle; the classics, but I wanted to try my hand at recreating some of my favorites: the poison type Pokemon.

Grimer was the first I worked on: since they’re blobs of toxic goo, it made sense to work with them first, as they’d be composed of simple shapes. There’s a single body, two arms, eyes, a mouth; basic stuff, and then I gave it some ripples in the goo in order to add a final touch. I think Grimer came out fairly well; cute little guy, a good start. Zubat was my second piece, and gave me a chance to work with more complicated shapes, and three separate gradients. Getting the tails on Zubat just right was the hardest part, because they had to be skinny, and equally so. If one was just a few pixels larger than the other, you’d notice, and even in the final product they aren’t perfect – but close enough. In Weezing, the final piece, I reduced the number of gradients down to two, but the number of shapes went up significantly. I had a lot of fun turning Weezing from this suffering Pokemon into one that looked happy, and layering each part of Weezing’s body proved a valuable exercise in object management.

This was a fun project, and I love it when learning new techniques is fun.