What’s Up? (9/4/13)

Week two of this Fall Semester is going by fairly well! I am a bit exhausted, but it’s going well. The exhaustion has nothing to do with class so much as it has to do with having a very significant first weekend here at Pitt. This apartment I’m at is awesome, my roommates are awesome, and  I got myself a pair of pink shorts and you know what? I was right. I do totally look alright in them. I’ve been playing a lot of guitar, and have put in a little over two hours so far over at the Pete using the Rowing Machine. Life is good, so far. There’s tranquility in the mind, maybe not in the soul.

It’s going to be a short entry, but I just wanted to throw something here for the sake of never going a week without posting some sort of content.

What’s Up? (8/27/13)

So my first two days of class this semester have been pretty good. English Literature’s “Forms of Prose” actually seems really interesting, as we’ll be reading lots of memoirs and stuff – and English Writing’s “Intermediate Nonfiction” seems to be more of the interview, longform nonfiction I’ve been writing for over a year now. The Communication classes I’ve had today were “Media and Consumer Culture” and “Small Group Communications.” The “Consumer Culture” class is taught by this British Doctor who seems pretty awesome (he knew what made The Terminator a robot and Robocop a cyborg) and the teacher for “Small Group Comm” looks a little bit like Tom Hanks.

These first two days though have made me feel a little upset at how apprehensive I am about talking to old classmates. I’ve ran into a few over the last two days and I’ve just found myself unable to do anything more than a little “Hello” wave, when what I really want to do is say hello and keep a conversation going.

You know what though? I’m only two days deep, and I shouldn’t be kicking myself already… I tell you what though, seeing all of these college kids in pink and blue twill shorts is driving me crazy. I’d look good in a pair! My shirts combined with those shorts would kick the crap out of those other kid’s shirt-short combos. Gah! Why don’t I have a pair? I might buy a pair, and get a haircut this weekend. Conformity ensues.