What’s Up? (5/1/15)

Graduation Weekend
Finals Week, (4/18)-(4/23), was filled with health issues and long nights of essay writing at Hillman Library. It was not what you would call, stressful, rather the opposite. I had everything under control, my papers were written, I studied for my exam in Roman Civ, my poetry manuscript was complete–really everything school-related was perfect, my health was the only thing that sucked. Breaking out in sweats, fevers, lots and lots of coughing. Now that’s all gone, and all I really remember, is the Graduation Weekend that followed Finals Week.

It was a three day stretch filled with great food, good times, family, and booze. My family, I think, got to experience a really nice selection of Pittsburgh establishments, and different types of neighborhoods. Me and my friends went out on a high note with a massive karaoke party that was totally worth whatever repercussions we were returned–understandably you cannot throw a karaoke party that lasts until 6 AM without consequences. Finally, there were the professors and students who, honestly, I was really surprised by how much some professors remembered me–and how many students were excited to see me at graduation. I really got that perfect graduation experience that way–feeling loved and celebrated, and in it with my family and Pitt family.

Now That That’s Over
I’m at home, spending a lot of time doing nothing. It’s alright, honestly I wish I could let myself enjoy the doing nothing a bit more. It drives me crazy though, basically just having the internet, some video games to keep me occupied. I need to start a new GlitchFox song or a Photoshop project… Or something. Because I’m all antsy waiting to go to England, but also really excited to see some friends here in New York, intensely waiting for Formula One to return, and all the while I just don’t know what to do with myself. I’m not really on vacation–I have to find a job, and a place to live–but it feels like I’m supposed to vacation a little bit right now. It’s all very, weird–it’s enjoyable at times, but also, it stirs up anxiety, not knowing what you’re doing.


What’s Up? (12/10/14)

Finals Week
There’s only one-thousand words left between me and Winter Break. My level of productivity has been a huge boost to my energy. I suppose I don’t look energetic. I do feel optimistic as heck though. I just handed in what may be one of the better essays I’ve ever written about myself. And I just handed in one of my best essays to my best professor in all my time at the University of Pittsburgh. I am doing incredibly well.

I’m sipping down a small mocha. I’m looking out the window of Crazy Mocha. MSMR is softly humming in my ears. It’s cold out, but not unbearable. Sparrows are gathering on the roof across the street. They don’t care whether the roof is Joe Mama’s or Olio Trattoria’s.

I’m excited to finish this all soon. The last thing in my way is a research paper. If I’m lucky enough to find the right research today, I’ll finish the paper tonight. It’s not due until midnight Thursday, (12/11/14) but I don’t intend to use that much time. If I submit the paper a day early I can spend two nights relaxing. I can crack open some Bacardi and fire up Photoshop or Fruityloops.

You Are Nothing Without Feminist Art ♀
I just saw a student from the Campus Women’s Organization walk by Crazy Mocha. I never mentioned that we had a super cute pajama party last Tuesday (12/2/14). It’s true. I even met somebody who lives in the apartment below me. Life’s crazy. This semester with CWO was maybe less eye-widening than the first, but I feel like I got closer with a lot of the people there. I turned out to be more than a one-semester curiosity, and I think that made a big difference. I’m showing my funny side more often. I’m getting “likes” on Facebook from people I thought would never “like” my dumb jokes. It’s a weird thing to be energized by, but that’s what it’s doing. This positive attention is having a super positive affect on my life. I can’t wait to be on the Vagina Monologues board next year. The next semester at Pitt is going to be my last, and I’m excited to make the most out of it.

What’s Up? (12/1/14)

Final Week
Listen, it’s not finals week, but it might as well be. The final week of class has as many major assignments due as finals week. Percentage-wise, this final, 15th week of class, actually matters more than finals week. On one hand, I’m glad the weight is distributed across two weeks – this is in many ways something to be thankful for. On the other hand, having all of this work due the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday right out of the gate from Thanksgiving break? That sucks. I spent the Saturday of Thanksgiving break basically locked in my room reading (reading Alison Bechdel, so not a total loss), and then writing all night. I woke up late on Sunday (11/30/14) in a frenzied panic trying to get my professor a well-rounded presentation as soon as possible. Then I flew back to Pittsburgh, to work some more.

I feel like the most meaningful conversations I had with my family this entire break were the ones where I was in the car, either going to or from the airport. That sucks. For what it’s worth, I’m back on Long Island in such a short time that, a bad Thanksgiving break is basically nothing to complain about. The work I’m doing right now, revising a paper from a year ago – it’s not bad work. Essay writing is my element, which works out nicely as I’ve got a lot of essay writing to do these next few days. Tonight: editing a 4,944-word paper down to a nice 2,500-word paper. At the rate I’m editing, I’m going to have to add words at some point. Tomorrow night: a brand new 2,000 words about Ellen Forney’s Marbles. The night after that? Nothing! Take a break. Enjoy hump-day… Then get back to it by editing 20-page paper about Man of Steel.

I’ve turned my blog into a day planner, not good. Not good.

What’s Up? (4/21/14)

6 AM, going to hit it again. Twice actually, this weekend.

The first time, in all fairness, was pretty pleasant. Watching the Shanghai Gran Prix was absolutely fantastic. It couldn’t compare to the Bahrain Gran Prix from two weeks ago, but definitely worth staying up until 5AM to see the end of the race live. My boy Nico Rosberg couldn’t vie for 1st, but I was happy to see him recover to 2nd after a rough qualifying session and rougher race start. Nice to see Alonso make it to the podium, and for Ricciardo to overtake Vettel. Rooting for anybody but Lewis Hamilton come May 11th’s Barcelona Gran Prix. (By the way, it felt great to sit down for the start of a sporting event at 3AM when everybody else is in Pittsburgh is winding down or asleep; I’m meant to watch live sports in different time zones).

The second 6AM, the one I’m in right now; also not unpleasant. Do I want to be up? I mean, I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t. At this point, I’d be happier spending another fifteen minutes writing rather than not recording this mindset somewhere. Still, I wish I could have finished some of those essays earlier – but I’m a stickler for detail. Honestly, I could have turned it all in back at 4AM, but proofreading turned out to be incredibly valuable. Would I have lost any points for writing “show” where I meant to write “shop?” Probably not, but it’s my final paper and I give a shit about things like that. If I’m going to be up this late working, it might as well be for some quality work.

I’m not out of the woods yet though; the final and most dry and boring of all papers must be written later today, for World Literature. Gayle, if you’re reading this right now, I’m sorry – it’s not your class that’s dry – it’s the prospect of writing a few thousand words about it. Still, the semester is over in less than 48 hours. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel… though that may just as easily be the sunrise coming through my window.

Ease yourself on down
And if you’re bound and frowned 
You better put it on down 
‘Cause 4am, gonna hit it again 

What’s Up? (4/14/14)

Drones, Souls, and Rabbit Holes.

Six AM took its worst toll Sunday morning. Sleep deprived, I slept through my Ten AM Alarm meant to wake me up for Grounded (a one-woman show about a Drone pilot). Luckily somebody had my back, and I was able to see the show. Kelly McAndrew was excellent as the Air-Force pilot turned “Chair-Force” Drone pilot. Her loss of control and descent was incredible to watch, and I could have missed it all because of my worsening tendency to stay awake later and later.  I already feverishly dislike Six AM, but that incident on Sunday was the final strike, the rock bottom that’s going to make me swear off Six AM.

In looking to generate new Pokemon-related content for the blog, I’ve been writing “Soul Swapped” journals. I know I’ve recently said that I was going to do something called the Volt Switch Challenge; where I played through a randomized copy of Volt White, but that wasn’t incredibly fun – and a randomized playthrough of Soul Silver has turned out to be way more fun. In the time it took me to write two entries for Volt Switch, I wrote four for Soul Swapped. I’m going to stockpile entries in the Soul Swapped story so that I have content to release over the summer; I don’t want to set a date for when all of this is released, but maybe when I have five weeks of content I’ll feel comfortable about releasing it. I’m going to be busy, and generating new content is going to be harder than holding onto content for later.

Speaking of busy, the rabbit hole that is Finals week has begun its wrath today. Advanced Public Speaking is over, TV & Society is over; leaving three classes and four papers to complete by April 22nd. That’s roughly forty pages of work to complete in the next week. Expect things to be quiet here; maybe more quiet than usual, because I’ve got to get cracking.