What’s Up? (11/2/14)

Formula One

US Grand Prix! I had a good time watching the activities this weekend. I watched Practice, Qualifying, and the Race Proper: All three days for the first time. As you know, I’m a die-hard Rosberg fan, so naturally I’m disappointed by his 2nd-place finish today. He could be the 2014 World Champion, but he needs to win these next two races, no excuses. Two things saved my enjoyment of the US Grand Prix: Pastor Maldonado scoring points, and Jean-Eric Vergne driving like a bad-ass. Okay, maybe JEV was driving dangerously but it was damn fun to watch. And Maldonado with the 9th place finish! He was kicked back to 10th with a 5-second penalty, but my goodness. I was cheering for those guys. Vergne, Maldonado, Grosjean Button – it was fun seeing them duke it out for 8th, 9th, 10th. This is a reoccurring trend, wherein the most exciting fights are happening in the middle of the field, and I don’t mind it – as long as the race director lets us watch it!

Dream Journal

I had a dream, and it’s a little embarrassing to talk about but I also think it’s really sweet in a way. I had a dream that somebody who’s not exactly a friend, was on a bed with her girlfriend just cuddling and talking. I was at the foot of the bed, curled up in such a way that I could fit, and I was laying my head down on this girl’s posterior, which was quite large – as it is in real life. Pleasantly, there were no sexual connotations to this. The dream was entirely about the satisfaction of having a conversation with this girl, and being a close enough friend to be allowed to rest my head on her butt, and just enjoying how comfortable that was. It wasn’t a sexy dream, and I’m glad that my subconscious is complex enough to construct such a weird, interesting, layered experience. But like I said up front, it’s also kind of embarrassing: oh well.

I defy you!


Pre-Prix: Singapore

In about five hours I will be waking up to watch the Singapore Grand Prix at Marina Bay Street Circuit. Honestly, I haven’t been so excited for a Formula One race in quite some time. The last three races in the European leg (Hungary, Belgium, Italy) weren’t my favorites, but these last six races all sound pretty exciting to me. Singapore has a reputation for being a good track; some have been calling it basically, Monaco at night. I’ve played Monaco and Singapore back-to-back, and I can see how the comparison works. Lots of really tight corners, lots of crashes and contacts, and hard overtakes.

In any case, waking up at 8AM to watch Singapore celebrate in all of its neon firework glory is going to be excellent. Something about the European stretch of the Formula One season felt a little boring. The circuits were all kind of just, circuit-y. Just race tracks, you know? The first six tracks, and the last six tracks, are just such a nice little motley crew.

United States
United Arab Emirates

Nico Rosberg lost pole position by .007 seconds, but this is a tight circuit, and if Singapore is truly similar to Monaco, then Nico may have some advantage here. Between the two Mercedes drivers, you know I’m rooting for Nico, but I’d be beyond delighted to see Daniel Ricciardo or Sebastian Vettel take first place. Change is good, and I welcome craziness on the track, as long as everybody’s safe, and as long as Nico stays ahead of Lewis.