Jolt Cartridge & Volt Cartridge

On March 10th, 2011 I published Jolt Cartridge onto my Soundcloud page. It was an odd little number, operating at 180 BPM, and I didn’t think much of it. Unfortunately, I must have thought so little of it that I managed to lose all of the original song data, save for the drum parts. Have a listen.

Fast forward to Sunday, December 15th 2013: when, for some reason I’m inspired to remake Jolt Cartridge. The original was made on an iPad using the BleepBox app, but since then I’ve taking to making music with FLStudio. The remake follows the same drum pattern, but my attempts to replicate the original sounds and melody of Jolt Cartridge resulted in an entirely different song, Volt Cartridge. It was published last night on December 16th 2013.

It’s a slapdash production, put together in a little over 24 hours, but still, I thought this attempted remake would be an interesting first post in the Music Portfolio category of stories.


What’s Up? (6/9/2013)

So today I beat Super Mario 3D Land which was probably one of the more satisfying video game experiences I’ve had in a while. Complaining about the story in a Mario game might sound ridiculous, but I was honestly bothered by how weak Peach is depicted in every single cut-scene in the game. Shouting “Mario!” in desperation was about the only dialogue she had besides sighing in defeat or gasping in excitement for Mario’s appearances. Whatever though. Peach still kicks ass in Super Smash Bros.

I’m working on a comic adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s “All Summer In A Day” and its rather satisfying work. Drawing comics can take a while because of just keeping characters consistent-looking, but its very rewarding. I’m actually writing this blog post with my left hand and a Targus iPad Stylus in my right hand. By the way, I’m drawing the comic with my iPad and its making me wonder if I really need a drawing tablet to do digital comics and illustration. The Adobe Ideas app lets me draw and upload sketches to a cloud, and download them anywhere which is handy. Anyways, back to work soon – I need to get a certain amount of this comic done before the Game of Thrones finale tonight.