What’s Up? (2/26/14)

A job interview doesn’t need to be this formal thing, why should it be? There’s room for being polite, yes, as there should be, but what do you get from asking me: “Can you tell me about a time that you had to act quick on your feet and hit the ground running?”
“Well, yes, there was this one time during a job interview that I had to come up with a solid answer that wouldn’t make me sound like a loon.”
Trust me, if we sat down and had a conversation, I’d learn more about your business, and you’d learn more about me, than we could from going through a questionnaire together. Let’s talk politics, let’s talk television, let’s vent our frustrations and tell stories like two human beings; especially when this job is all about talking to people, why not test a candidates ability by talking to them? Two interviews went in two very different directions in the last two days. Two nights with two hours’ sleep, two buses to one bus stop, two mornings in one suit. One brief questionnaire, one two-hour conversation, one bagel, one cup of tea, three pleasant folk, one neighborhood, nine blocks, three dogs, two men in lady liberty costumes. One hell of a week.

St. Vincent released a self-titled album today, er, yesterday (I’m up at 4AM again, so, to me it’s still February 25th). I think it’s really telling about the way my life has gone, or where it is, that even as an avid Beck fan, it’s St. Vincent’s new album that I’ve purchased and listened to – and not Beck’s “Morning Phase” (2014). I know where Beck is on his new album, a callback  to “Sea Change” (2002) which might be my least-listened-to Beck album; which is to say, he’s in a dark, sad place. St. Vincent isn’t exactly in the happiest place either, though it feels lively and smiling through confusion and disillusion; and I know I’d rather ride along with St. Vincent right now than Beck. I’m going to need to review both albums at some point, though I have some reviews from 2013 I promised I’d write, so perhaps I should get to writing those first… 

I feel like a lot of people reinvent themselves during their Freshmen year of college, but I find myself feeling very renewed and perhaps even a little reinvented this semester. New clothes, new synthesizer, a new rotation of music on the iPod, new clubs, new friends, new interests, new habits, new, new, new. And yet, there’s a lot of old coming back ’round. Autobiography and The Creative Impulse has put me down a path of deeper self-examination, just as I wanted it to, which means I’ve dusted off some memories and passages of life to put them on paper. Even outside of class, I’ve been experimenting with trying to figure out just how I’ve ended up where I am. In the last post, “On Revisits” I tried tracing the roots of my present life to coincidences and odd beginnings. I think chiptune culture has to have been the hugest coincidence-launcher of my life, butterfly-effect style. The music and art of 8-bit videogames has formed friendships, networks, and potentially even jobs, and realizing that has only increased my love for it. So I’m not out with the old, in with the new; but rather cultivating a better preservation and appreciation for the old, and recognizing and using it to create the new.


What’s Up? (2/19/14)

I meditated tonight while listening to a “Zen” music track, which  was basically just a looped sound effect of  running water with some Japanese instruments played over it. It triggered ASMR like crazy, and I was basically sitting down with a huge grin on my face as my body was overwhelmed by bliss. I really needed that, as I’ve found myself physically, mentally, and emotionally tired as of late.

However, I’ve scheduled two interviews for internships yesterday, I had an incredible session of meditation, and I am going to have a full night of sleep tonight – so it feels like all of the tired parts of myself are washing away now. Life works like that no? You peak and fall, peak and fall, like a sin wave. Without getting tired now and then, I wouldn’t push myself to reach peaks.

Am I at a peak right now? I don’t think so. I’m in a rebound stage. I’m on my way to a peak. That peak could be a good weekend, or a good job interview, or any number of things. Maybe I’ll have a great time with my roommates this weekend, or rediscover a great old game from my childhood, or learn a new song on the synthesizer, or make a new acquaintance.


I’m waking up tomorrow to watch the America v. Canada Women’s Hockey game. I think it could be fun, and I might try to turn it into a writing exercise of sorts. I haven’t watched many Olympic sports this year, save for Ice Dancing, and man, that was some very impressive stuff.

I picked up a copy of the New York Times today, I’m not sure why. There’s a photo of the Kiev riots on the front I believe. I think discussions in English today, regarding how few young people read newspapers, made me feel obligated to pick one up. They’re free for students and there was still a full stack of the day’s papers at 6PM.

For two months I’ve had pieces of art in and out of my Society6 shopping cart, staring at the two empty spaces on my wall, driving me crazy about what and when to purchase something. It’s not the only thing driving me crazy these days, but it’s the most ridiculous by far. It’s about time that I just made the purchase and got it over with.

between my journal, this blog, notepad++, essays, and notes to myself written throughout my binder, there are five or more outlets with which i let myself think through my issues, and tell stories about my life, and sometimes it gets weird, because it feels like with each outlet, there’s a completely different record of my life, a different tone, a different character, different motivations, and i feel the need to tie all of these narratives together,  to type them all out onto a single document, because i find myself forgetting who i’ve told what, or where certain parts of the story are, and it’s like i’m telling my story more often than ever, but it’s spread thinner and thinner.