What’s Up? (1/2/14)

New Year’s Eve went wonderfully. The party was the right size, and it broke up at the right time, allowing me to spend some time with family too. Time spent with family peaked New Year’s Day, when my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin came to visit from Florida. Now, this cousin is eight years old, so he wanted to play LEGO Batman, and Mario Party 8, and all of that stuff. I obliged him, of course, and it was kind of fun sometimes. I don’t think LEGO Batman was as intuitive and easy to play as the LEGO Star Wars games (to be fair most of my Playstation 2 controllers were older than he was, and they didn’t work well), and Mario Party 8 kinda lacked the joy and chaos of Mario Party 2. Naturally the next thing I did was hand him a Gamecube controller and told him we were playing Mario Party 2.

I thought I’d have to force it on him, after all, if he’s experienced a newer Mario Party game – could he see why a much older game was still fun? But he actually had a great time and won the first round on the Pirate Land map. He woke me up at 7:30 AM today to play again, on the Western Land map, but he set the computer players to Hard. One of the computers stole his stars, twice, and at some points he was on the verge of tears. It wasn’t easy to watch, but still, I think he had fun for the most part. What really made his day, and mine too – was seeing snow for the first time. We had a snowball fight, after I taught him how to make snowballs by packing snow with his hands,  and grabbing snow from the tops of cars. He and his family left, just a few hours from this super-blizzard we’re apparently getting, which is probably a good thing – but I’m really happy he was able to see the snow.

I’m going back to Pittsburgh in four days, and I keep telling myself I’m excited for that – but for the first time in a while, I think there are people here  on Long Island that I wish I could spend more time with before going back.