Yvonne: Log Three

Pokemon Y is not a very difficult game, but it is very fun. Wonder-trading continues to be an addicting, Pokemon-roulette of sorts. I traded a Level 25 Meowstic, and I could have ended up with a Level 1 Caterpie, but I ended up with a Level 35 Klefki from Japan. My A-Team Pokemon are almost always overpowered when dealing with other trainers and Gym Leaders, which maybe explains why I spend so much time with my B-Team and my… C-Team?

Meowstic Lv.45
Umbreon Lv.45
Heliolisk Lv.44
Chesnaught Lv.44
Blaziken Lv.47
Blastoise Lv.43

Hippowdon Lv.35
Axew Lv.30
Floette Lv.29
Pangoro Lv.43

C-Team? or, Pokemon I Have But Don’t Use
Victreebel Lv.46
Sandslash Lv.44
Gabite Lv.28
Skrelp Lv.25
Klefki Lv.35
Honedge Lv.32
Golett Lv.24
Linoone Lv.24
Braixen Lv.30
Beedrill Lv.23
Jolteon Lv.22

It’s weird, you know? I’m taking on the fifth gym right now, an Electric-Type gym, with my B-Team Hippowdon. He’s not the strongest Ground-Type I have, that would be the Sandslash I got over Wonder-Trade. But I’m using him because he’s closer in level to the gym trainers, and I want to get more money, and gain more experience. The way the gym is structured, I could probably fight all of three trainers and move on to the gym leader, but I’m going out of my way to fight all nine trainers – because my B-Team could use the experience, and Yvonne could use the money. I know back when I was little, when I was Pokemon’s target audience, I would have taken the shortcuts. It almost seems disingenuous of the game NOT to tell you “Hey, take the longer route, you’ll benefit.”


Nuzlocke Challenge 2: Log Two

Log Two

  1. Neko puts on his running shoes and heads out on Route 101 to catch his first Pokemon, hopefully. He catches a Level 2 Barboach, and names it Nicky. Nicky is a Rock and Steel Type Pokemon, with a Timid Nature and a Shed Skin Ability that gives him a 33% chance of randomly curing Burns or Poisons. He knows the attack Muddy Water. He doesn’t seem like a poor team mate.
  2. With some light training, Nicky reaches Level 6 and learns Iron Tail, and Thundershock. Dude, what? Nicky seems pretty freaking awesome, actually.
  3. Neko’s second acquisition of the day is Osiris, a Level 2 Magmar he captured on Route 103. Osiris is a Dark Type Pokemon, with an ability that makes him impervious to paralyze, a Sassy Nature, and he knows four moves already. Hidden Power, Teeter Dance, Thundershock, and Super Fang. On top of all of this, Osiris was holding a Great Ball, so Neko gets a head start on the advanced inventory items.
  4. Neko and I force Osiris to Level 6 by making him kill Onixes over and over again, but he doesn’t learn anything. Still, I have a soft spot for Magmar’s since Kingsford – and even if this isn’t a Fire-Type Magmar, I have a good feeling about Osiris.
  5. Neko’s third catch of the day is Chu, a Level 4 Chinchou captured on Route 102. Chu is a Flying Type Pokemon, with Marvel Scale ability, a Gentle Nature, and knowledge of the Façade and Mean Look attacks.
  6. Neko’s first opponent on Route 102 is Rattata Rank Calvin, who has a grossly green Houndoom, and then his second opponent is Rye Catcher Rick who owns a bright pink Cloyster, and a bright red Gorebyss. I have to stop and think for a second about how bizarre the trainer randomizations are.
  7. In Petalburg, Neko’s father makes him take some kid named Wally into the tall grass to catch a Pokemon. Neko’s father gives him a Bayleef of all things, to help in this errand. Talk about downgrading! Here’s a Bayleef, now, go use it to catch one hell of a Rattata. In practice though, Wally gets a major upgrade, as he catches one badass Oddish that nearly killed his Bayleef. Wally and Neko return to the Petalburg Gym, where Neko’s father is furious that Wally almost got the Pokemon lent to him killed.
  8. On Route 104, Neko runs into the coolest looking Skarmory anyone’s ever seen before. The monster is a bright purple and blue, flying steel death machine that reminds him of when he used to play Halo 2. As such, when this monstrosity is tamed and captured, Neko names it Banshee. Banshee is a Psychic and Water Type Pokemon, with an ability that raises Attack, and knowledge of Swift, and Beat Up. For as cool as Banshee looks, he’s kind of underwhelming.
  9. Neko is out of Pokeballs and has to spend some of his fight money to replenish his stock. Capturing four Pokemon in one day and only wasting six Pokeballs isn’t at all bad, Neko figures. After fighting some trainers on Petalburg’s beaches, Nikita reaches Level 11 and learns Flatter, which is an alright move.
  10. Despite the weird makeup of the team, and the potentially interesting future of this squad, Neko finds himself somewhat bored here in Petalburg. He’s almost acquired a full team of six, but he’s unfamiliar with most of them. On the shores of this small town, Neko wonders what the hell any of this is about, and why he couldn’t have lived a quieter life. Nuzlocke 4

Nuzlocke Challenge 2: Log One

The only way to make a randomized Nuzlocke crazier? What’s crazier than randomizing the starter Pokemon and the Pokemon I encounter along the way in the wild? This time every single Pokemon in the game has a randomized type, move set, stats, and color palate. That’s right. Nuzlocke 2 is downright stupid. It might not even be playable. With that being said, let’s start.

Log One

  1. This randomized copy of Pokemon Emerald doesn’t mess around. Instead of whatever common Pokemon that Professor Birch usually shows off at the beginning of the game, he’s got a pink and purple Registeel with him. The game hasn’t even quite begun and it’s already bizarre. Last time around I played as a girl named Coco, this time I’ll play as a young lad named Neko. When you play as a boy I think you start off in a different house than you do if you choose to play as a girl, that’s a cool touch; regardless of who you choose those characters start off in the same house.
  2. I set the timer on my clock to 10:52 PM which is the in-real-life time right now, not that it matters. Neko and the girl next door, May, introduce themselves to each other, exchange pleasantries. Neko notices a Nickleback poster in May’s room and figures he’ll sit this one out.
  3. Professor Birch; who only moments ago wielded the power of a Registeel, is now being hounded by a Kingler. I can choose one of these three Pokemon to save the day… a purple and green Doduo, a Bulbasaur that looks like it’s colored by a three year old, and what looks like a shiny Aerodactyl. Now remember… just because I pick say… Bulbasaur doesn’t mean I’m going to get a Grass/Poison type Pokemon; he might be a Fire/Flying or whatever else you could imagine. That being said, I’m going to pick Aerodactyl. My Aerodactly is a Grass-Type Pokemon, with the Inner Focus ability which prevents flinching, a lonely nature, and whose only attack is Metronome. Aerodactyl’s Metronome produced Sacred Fire and killed that Kingler dead.
  4. Tyrus the Aerodactly joins Neko’s squad. The Professor asks us to go meet up with May up the road. Neko runs into an albino Flygon. Tyrus’ Metronome deals death eventually, but not before the Flygon can deal enough damage and inflict poison on Tyrus. Tyrus the Aerodactly, dies.
  5. We start over. Professor Birch is being held hostage by an angry Absol. Neko has to choose between a yellow Dratini, a green Meowth, and a green Roselia. Neko, remembering his own namesake, chooses the green Meowth. This green Meowth is a grass type, with the Hustle ability which exchanges accuracy for attack power, with an Impish nature. He knows the moves Clamp and Dream Eater. Meowth clamps onto the icy blue Absol, who, unfortunately, has a poison-on-contact ability. Absol dies at the hands of Meowth, but not before Meowth is brought to near-death, clinging onto a measly 4 health points. Good enough. Bake the Meowth joins the team! Bake was holding onto TM42: Heal Bell. I taught him the move, not really caring about what the consequences would be. I don’t like Bake’s chances of survival.
  6. Neko’s Meowth gets into a fight with a wild Skitty, and he starts to wonder if this is too much cat for his own good. The Skitty’s fur is a bright red color, with a pink chest. She must have been a fire type, as Bake’s clamp deals a one-hit KO. Their second encounter is with a bright green Elekid, which Bake also deals a one-kit KO to. Color hasn’t much to do with type I guess, as I don’t know what could be bright green and week to a Water-type attack.
  7. Out of Route 101, into Oldale Town, and onto Route 103 after a quick Pokemon Center trip. Neko is a man on a mission. A pink and purple Wingull stops the speeding train that is the Neko-Bake duo, bringing Bake closer to the brink of death than he’s previously experienced – forcing him to use Struggle after exhausting all other options, with only 2 health points and a bad burn. If whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, then Bake’s on the fast track to being a freaking brick of a warrior.
  8. Neko finally catches up with May, a mission that caused him to lose his first Pokemon and nearly lose his second on two occasions. May and Neko decide to duel, her Medicham (which is an icy shade of blue with maroon highlights) against Neko’s Meowth… and wouldn’t you know it? Neko’s second Pokemon, Bake, dies.
  9. We start over. The Professor is being mugged by a gang of Exeggcute. Neko and his Ground-Type Hoothoot are here to save the day. Hoothoot has Guts (an ability which ups her attack if she’s suffering) and is Relaxed, she’s here to do some damage. She knows Blaze Kick, and Dig. Neko needs her to do well in this fight… third time’s the charm. The green gang of eggs falls victim to the fiery talons of Hoothoot.  Nikita the Hoothoot joins Neko’s squad. During a training montage Nikita beats up a bunch of wild Onixes (which are light blue in color and impervious to Ground-type attacks). Nikita reaches Level 6 and learns Jump Kick. The mental image of a jump-kicking Hoothoot is too amazing for words. Neko loves Nikita. Neko and Nikita train until she has reached Level 9, and then they challenge May to a fight.
  10. May brings a Level 5 Mantine to a Level 9 Hoothoot Fight. Nikita uses Dig and kills Mantine in two turns; it wasn’t super effective, and I have no idea what type Mantine is. May and Neko call it a day and return to the Professor to get Pokedexes and Pokeballs; you know, standard stuff. With two losses already, things are looking tough for Neko, and Nuzlocke Challenge 2: Electrode Boogaloo isn’t screwing around.

nuzlocke1 Nuzlocke2

Nuzlocke Challenge: A Short Reflection

I’ve been done with my Pokemon Emerald Randomized Nuzlocke Challenge since June 2nd. Whether a result of the rules of a Nuzlocke Challenge, or because of my logs I’m not sure, but this experience has lead to a deeper bond with my Pokemon team than any previous play-through. “Deeper bond” might sound weird, even creepy, but all that really means is that for the first time ever I’ve completed a play through of a Pokemon game and can remember which Pokemon were on my team, and what their names were. Paying close attention to the game’s dialogue, and strictly following the Nuzlocke death rules made Pokemon Emerald funnier and darker at times, and sometimes darkly funny.

There’s only one place to go after this… starting tonight I present my second installment of the Nuzlocke Challenge…

Nuzlocke Challenge 2: Electrode Boogaloo 

Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Twenty-Nine (Finale)

  1. I make some changes in move-lineups to help navigate the Victory Road. Kingsford learned Rock Smash and forgot Confuse Ray, and Tess learned Flash and forgot Dynamic Punch. HM’s are needed to navigate Victory Road, and I don’t want to shoehorn in HM Slaves into the Team right now. Kingsford reached level 57 and learned Fire Blast, forgetting Fire Punch. Tess reached level 57 and learned Thunder, forgetting Thunder Punch. Coco taught Tess Brick Break, and she forgot Light Screen.
  2. Everyone on the team reaches level 57, just from training against the Pokémon in the first area of the Victory Road. This might sound crazy too, but Coco took Paul the Delibird and flew all the way back to Littleroot, and walked to Route 103 – so that Paul could use Thief to steal Sharp Beaks from a Dodrio. The Sharp Beak increases the power of flying type attacks which would be great for Karen.
  3. While trying and trying over and over again to steal a Sharp Beak, Coco runs into a Shiny Dustox. I couldn’t care about the Nuzlocke rules any less right now, because this was my first shiny ever. The Shiny Dustox was caught without problem; I named him Benjen and he was added to Box 2.
  4. Paul steals a Silverpowder from a Dustox, which boosts Bug-Type moves and after probably nearly a hundred battles with Dodrios, Paul steals a Sharp Beak from a Dodrio, for Karen.
  5. Back in Victory Road my team is shutting down Cool Trainers left and right. Coco finds the TM 29: Psychic. Elie learned Psychic, forgetting Psybeam. Coco used a PP Up to raise Psychic from 10 PP to 12.After some monotonous training you should be thankful I didn’t describe in detail; the entire team reaches level 60. I finally use the 6 rare candies I’ve stocked up to then raise the entire team to level 61.
  6. Coco goes to Dewford to pick up the TM Sludge Bomb for Izabell (who learns Sludge Bomb, forgetting Acid) and then there’s only one thing left to do: Start the Elite Four Challenge. I’ll be recording the battle and will try to embed the video in this post.
  7. The first battle with Sydney the dark-type trainer goes spectacularly, with Karen easily knocking out his Pokémon and Tess taking out his last – Crawdaunt. The second battle with Phoebe the ghost-type trainer goes less smoothly, nobody is lost but I will need to heal. Elie and Kingsford both got knocked into the yellow zone.
  8. The third battle with Glacia the ice-type trainer is really, really easy. Tess takes out the ice/water-types and Kingsford takes out the ice-types, nobody on my team is hurt this round. The fourth battle with Drake the dragon-type trainer is a little difficult, but Holly manages to knock out nearly everyone with that Ice-Beam of hers. When all is said and done, and you can check the video to see how I did – I think we were totally prepared for the Elite Four.
  9. And now, the fight against Champion Wallace. I put Izabell up front, and Tess is right behind her. Izabell is knocked out by Wailord’s Blizzard. Nooooo! It’s up to Tess to do the rest, dammit. I shouldn’t have put Izabell up front. Karen knocks out a Ludicolo, and Holly knocks out a Whiscash – everybody’s pulling their own weight this last battle. In our great adventure, it is Elie who finishes it all off. With a Psychic to Wallace’s Tentacruel – Coco becomes a Pokémon Champion.
  10. BRENDAN shows up and just cannot believe that I’ve just beaten Wallace. Yeah, get used to it Not-Champion BRENDAN. Freaking Professor Birch is still displeased at my lacking Pokédex but he just doesn’t understand a good Nuzlocke when he sees one. The team is entered in the Hall of Fame and the credits roll. Next time on the Nuzlog: A final reflection.

Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Twenty-Eight

  1. Hey, we’re underwater! But not for long, because we found the Submarine that Team Aqua stole back in Log Twenty-Six. On the Seafloor Cavern Coco catches a level 30 Venonat. Hugo the Venonat was sent to Box 2. Sam the Crawdaunt becomes the HM Slave, and learns Strength and Rock Smash – as Elie was Boxed to make room for his Dive.
  2. Navigating the Seafloor Cavern proofs difficult, clearing it of Team Aqua does not. I swear to god, these caves suck. Coco finds the TM Earthquake though, that makes it all worth it. Holly learns Earthquake, forgetting Dig.
  3. Aqua Leader Archie’s always been kind of decent or polite to Coco, and still is. For his dreams to come true, he must fight her, and so it ends. Archie’s Pokémon just aren’t a match for Tess, who knocks out each of them with a solid Thunderbolt.
  4. It’s too late though, and Kyogre wakes up and starts flooding the world, Team Magma shows up to give the clichéd “you fools!” Magma’s Maxie and Aqua’s Archie work out their differences to stop the apocalypse.
  5. The rain effect here is actually really good, combined with the music it creates a really dark and moody tone I really dig. Reminds me of Pokémon The First Movie’s rain storm. While Underwater Coco catches Natalie the Wailmer. While on Route 126 a Wild Gyrados kills itself in confusion before I can catch it, meaning that Route 126 is – you guessed it, a bust.
  6. The citizens of Sootopolis are witnessing the fight of the century between Kyogre and Groudon, the heavyweight champion. One citizen put it so poetically as “One big Pokémon is fighting another big Pokémon.”
  7. The Cave of Origin, what a cool place. The music’s not original, we’ve heard it before in the game back in… meteorite…cave… whatever. It’s beautiful, calming music at a tense point in the story. A moment of course, interrupted by a wild Clefairy. Mel the Clefairy was sent to Box 2.
  8. Wallace, the guy that’s supposed to reassure me that everything’s okay uses the words “But there aren’t just two super-ancient Pokémon.” Which is of course the proper name for the era; present, past, history, ancient-history, super-ancient-history. Wallace has no idea where to find this third, super-ancient Pokémon, Rayquaza, but I could give him some hints. See, just about every other person in Hoenn has told me how they’ve seen a weird, long, giant, green Pokémon in the sky – and I know it’s in the Sky Pillar somewhere.
  9. Coco stops at the Pokémart to restock on supplies, nice of them to stay open while two giant Pokémon wreak havoc on your city. A man inside the shop is too scared to go outside; he’s got the right idea staying inside a Pokémart. It seems real nice and cozy inside there, probably air conditioned too.
  10. On the first floor of the Sky Pillar, Coco and Karen run into a wild Male Nidoran. Giancarlo the Nidoran was caught with an Ultra Ball and sent to Box 2, but not without poisoning Karen. That’s going to cost an antidote. Nidoran’s cool, because that means Nidoking somewhere down the line – but there were Aerodactyl in the Sky Pillar too, and what I wouldn’t give to have run into an Aerodactyl first instead of freaking Nidoran. Coco wakes up Rayquaza, who saves the day back in Sootopolis. Maxie and Archie vanish, as do Kyogre and Groudon. All that’s left for Coco to do is take on the Sootopolis Gym, and then the Elite Four. Next time, on the Nuzlog.