What’s Up? (10/7/13)

It’s Monday Night. I’m watching the New York Jets play the Atlanta Falcons and it isn’t a total disaster yet. I’m borrowing a recipe from A Girl Called Liqueur, and it’s delicious. Nine Inch Nails is tomorrow, and I’m incredibly excited about it. Hesitation Marks is an incredible album, and I’ve been listening to it on Spotify for the better part of a week now. I’m excited for Pokemon X & Y this weekend. This week is looking to be a good one.

But this was a rough weekend. There were laughs, lots of laughs, but I was seriously broken on Saturday, and I drank to fight that pain. An incredible amount of Franzia was had on Saturday, I was irresponsibly drunk, and slept on a couch, leaving my neck sore for all of Sunday. None of it helped, really. And nobody else knows. As far as everybody was concerned, I just got silly on Saturday. I was hurt. You’ll hear more from A Girl Called Liqueur soon, no doubt. She’s a channel for the things I feel that need be channeled through a voice, not my own.

The New York Jets continue to surprise me. They’re doing quite well right now. That’s nice.


What’s Up? (9/19/13)

I just woke up. It’s 4 AM. I fell asleep around 10:30 PM. Man oh man, if this is not seriously screwed up – but I suppose every once in a while I’m just bound to have seriously screwed up sleep schedules given the way I live my life. When one day you’re sleeping for ten hours, and five hours the next – I don’t know how I handle it, but I don’t know any other way.

At many points this week I wanted to write all the horrible things that happened to me, but by the next day I couldn’t recall the horrible things – just the good things. I vaguely remember Monday morning just not working out as intended, but I perfectly remember how fun watching Monday Night Football with my friends was. I remember going through another existential crisis during Small Group Communications on Tuesday, but I more perfectly remember making meatballs by hand and having a great time at the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. concert. And today? There was absolutely nothing bad about today. Today was everything I could ask for mostly. As selfish as it is, I love it when my writing gets attention during English classes; when everybody reads my paper I realize the changes I should have made, but I’m also filled with this sense of accomplishment. I had a free lunch at Market for the first time this semester thanks to some new friends, and following that I got all of my work done for another class just in time to make it to said class.

Basically, today was good and I’m not about to let some weird 10:30 PM – 4 AM nap/sleep thing ruin a good day. I’m going to have some food and drink, watch something funny, and finish the day with a 5 AM – 10 PM rest. Of course things will work just as planned. Of course.

What’s Up? (8/12/13)

I honestly don’t know what day it is anymore. I’ve got so little time until I go back to Pittsburgh. I’m running out of time to find somebody to see Anamanaguchi with me this Friday.  I’m leaving the 22nd and moving in one the 23rd. My battery is at 42%. I spent today catching up on my Showtime shows, after spending yesterday consumed with Breaking Bad. I’m trying pack my possessions early so that move-in-day isn’t so chaotic. It’s hard to pack your possessions early because putting something away now means not using it or seeing it for x amount of days. Is this as organized as this box could be? Could I fit more into this box? This box is freaking heavy.

No joke though, one box is like 90% books and shouldn’t be carried by a single person.

I either need more time or less time, but I hate this in between phase. There’s not enough time to do everything I wanted this summer, there’s too much time to just pack up and leave just yet. What’s left is this weird feeling that I don’t like. Trying to squeeze the most out of everything; making every day perfect – it just makes every day worse. It’s like squeezing the last drops out of a lemon I’d rather just toss.

Other than that, times are okay. These last days aren’t so bad in reality, just very tiring on the mind. My battery is at 37%.