What’s Up? (10/1/13)

A lot has happened since I last wrote. The longer I go without writing about those things, the more likely it is that I forget them. Unfortunately, that’s the case with this edition of What’s Up. I know since I last wrote, I once fell asleep in my day clothes for eleven hours, on top of my bed sheets with all of the lights on in my room: but I forget how, why, and when. I know I’ve played a few hours of Grand Theft Auto V, and I knew it was incredibly hilarious, awesome, and addicting. I know I went to a University of Pittsburgh football game, and had a great time. I know I watched the finale of Breaking Bad, and it was incredibly, unbelievably satisfying. Without writing these What’s Up pieces every once in a while, no matter how inane some might seem, it’d be hard to remember how things happened, and when they happened. My life is like a series of scattered dots without these blogs to connect them.

That being said, I want to talk a little bit of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Since buying Animal Crossing, I’ve played it almost every day consistently, missing all of five days maybe, definitely less than ten days. I’ve never time traveled, I don’t understand why you would. Mayor Sandwich of New Deli, and all of it’s residents: I love them all. The game is so charming, the music, the art, the writing: I know I’ve said this over and over again, but there’s nothing about New Leaf that doesn’t put a smile on my face every time I play it. I never want to miss a sale from the Nooklings,  I never want to miss out on what the Able Sisters are offering, I don’t want the flowers of my town to die out. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is unlike anything I’ve ever played before, and I feel like expressing this love for the game from time to time, like today.


What’s Up? (7/3/2013)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Oh my, if that game isn’t the most pleasant, care-free thing ever. No wonder the local Gamestop and Best Buy were sold out: this game could probably be enjoyed by just about anybody with a soul. It’s been less than 24 hours since Mayor Sandwich arrived in the town of New Deli, but it’s been a really good time so far. I caught lots of cicadas, one fruit beetle, and one butterfly. I dug up some fossils, and shook trees to collect cherries. Really the things I’m doing should be boring, should feel like a waste of time, should feel trivial – but I love every minute of the game so far, and every little step in Animal Crossing feels rewarding.

In other news: I was technically a day late with the Michael Bolton review I suppose. I published it at 9 PM EST but WordPress follows Greenwich Mean Time so,  my music review was published on a Wednesday instead of a Tuesday – totally screwing up the Tuesday/Thursday music review schedule and…. who really cares? Nobodies itching to read more about Michael Bolton, and I’m really not looking forward to hearing more Michael Bolton – but I must press on.

That’s it for today really. Animal Crossing is good, life is good in general, going to a party in about an hour – and I have to subject myself to the aural exercise that is listening to a Michael Bolton album.

X-COM: Enemy Unknown (First Impressions)

So I just played about two hours of X-COM: Enemy Unknown, a turn-based strategy game that won many Game of the Year awards in 2012. I have to say it was a really good two hours. The tutorial didn’t feel forced, and it taught you that everyone in your squad is expendable. Over the two hours I played the tutorial slowly and subtly started to give me more options and faded away until the game’s mechanics were open for me to use as I wanted. I’ve done about four missions, lost a few guys, lost one guy because I killed him with a rocket launcher by accident, and managed to keep the character from the first tutorial mission alive. Permanent death is a really nice mechanic, as sometimes I’ve kept guys I cared about in much safer positions than my rookies. I’ve heard X-COM is a really good jumping off point for more hardcore tactical games with permanent death, like Fire Emblem.

People keep saying that I need to get Animal Crossing for the 3DS, but I think I might get Fire Emblem before I do that. I’m going to miss the Animal Crossing Zeitgeist, but whatever.

X-COM has been very fun so far too. I’ve chosen to mostly help out Europe and Asia from alien attacks, not that I’m neglecting North America, but if there’s one continent that I’m going to defend it’s Europe and Asia. As of right now it seems Germany and Russia are very well protected from Aliens thanks to me, and you know what? In an alien invasion German Engineering and Russian Fortitude are the things you want on your side.