What’s Up (12/14/13)

I’m home in New York, wrapped up in a blanket, listening to music from Animal Crossing, and ready to start writing. There was not a whole lot of time to write for my own sake these last few days. I know I wrote a Nuzlog post on Wednesday, but that felt more like an obligation to close the book on Pokemon Y, a book-closing twenty days late.

As soon as I was done with any one paper, I had to move onto the next. There was always something to do this finals week, and it marked the height of my productivity this whole semester. Even when I finished my last final on Friday, I basically got home and packed for an hour and a half straight, before rushing out the door to catch a bus to the airport.

I made a few stray observations yesterday. For starters, I was sitting down on a public bench waiting for a bus, and an old man smoking a cigarette sat down next to me. The last time I let somebody smoke next to me on a bench before a flight, I reeked of cigarettes so bad I had to take off my jacket and throw it in my luggage. It was gross and awful. So I got up from the bench and stood far away from the gross cigarette dude, and I don’t think he was happy about it, but whatever. I think it’d be courteous of all smokers to, I don’t know…. not smoke at a bus stop.

On the bus to the airport I realized, in the frenzy to pack, that I forgot to bring a friend-favorite video game, Fortune Street. Is that a little bit of a bummer? Yeah, but honestly, I think it might be nice to just chill sometimes with your friends, make fun conversation instead of relying on video games all of the time. Now that I write this, I also realize I didn’t bring Cards Against Humanity, which is another bummer. Particularly so because, that’s a fun non-video-game thing to do. By spring break though, I’ll have two all-new expansions for that game to play, and the Bigger, Blacker Box to store all of the cards in.

I’m becoming less and less careful about making sure that I pack everything I need, and while that’s having repercussions in the “what will I do with my friends” department, I think the lower levels of packing stress are better for my health. Travel doesn’t need to be stressful. I love airports, and as long as you get there early, you can sit, get food, and relax from Point A to Point B.

One last note: I had a dream last night, a nightmare, a reminder not to wait on things, to let people know how you feel, when you feel it.

Leaving Pittsburgh In Three Hours

…Well I’m leaving the apartment in three hours at the very least. Then I’m taking an hour long bus ride to Pittsburgh International, and by nine o’clock I’ll be on an hour long flight home to Long Island. I just peeked outside, and the snow has stopped for now, the very snow which prompted the rescheduling of my flight home from Wednesday to Tuesday. I’ve never rescheduled a flight before, it’s an expensive ordeal, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to fly home a day early, and outside of the looming chaos that is snowstorm-meets-Thanksgiving travel.

I’m all packed up, but the prospect of getting two hours of sleep before a flight really doesn’t interest me. It never has. I have this thing; and I might have written about it before, about sleeping before flights. First of all, I’m too excited to sleep easily, secondly I’m going to be nervous about oversleeping somehow and missing a flight, and finally I just think that an airport is best enjoyed in a low-energy state. You get in and you stand on line, listen to music, read, and a whole bunch of other very non-taxing things.

There’s still time to kill, and I’d think about putting on a few records if it wasn’t so late. Sure, I could throw in some headphones, but I want to dance to my music, I want to play it loud. I’ll maybe do some reading to pass the time, or pace around the room trying to remember what I could have forgotten to pack. I’m not against starting some art projects with my remaining time, or crawling into my bed for warmth and comfort and very intentionally not sleep. 

What’s Up? (11/11/13)

First of all, Happy Birthday to my brother, who’s turning the big 1-9 today. That’s right bro, you can finally buy tobacco products in New York, that is, until they change the tobacco age to 21 in the next few months.

Now, back to me. I started a review of M.I.A.’s new album, and that should come out some time this week, though it is fighting for space in a very writing-intensive week. I’ve got a report due on Thursday in Media & Consumer Culture, and the usual English-Major writing-stuff. A week ago I managed my time poorly, and I payed the price, and life became this struggle to catch up on sleep. Today is nothing like last week: as I managed my time poorly, but actually got some serious benefits from the situation. See, hitting rock bottom (and being so tired that you cut class is definitely rock bottom) means that you can only bounce back (right?) and so, even though I was writing papers till the ugly hours of the morning, I embraced  that, enjoyed it for what I could, wrote something awesome, and had a great little nap before showering this morning.

Which brings me to showering: I really wish a shower could keep me warm. It’s not a matter of water heat, god knows we don’t lack for scalding hot water, but more like surface area. The water can only reach so many places, and the sensation of leaving like, 40% of your body in the freezing cold is horrible. While contorting my body into shapes that allowed the water to reach the most places, I began to think about how much I’d pay just to have a solid hour in a hot tub or Jacuzzi. I could probably fall asleep in one, I imagined, in my shivering, sleep-deprived state. The chance to sit down, be massaged by jets and warm water, it was too tempting.

Toweled off, got cold, climbed into bed to write a blog post, and that’s all he wrote.