What’s Up? (10/11/15)

Animal Crossing Returns
One of my favorite games in 2013 was Animal Crossing: New Leaf. From the moment I picked it up in the summer I fell in love with the low stakes, cute, charming game. Turn the game on once a day,  talk to your villagers, decorate your home, and make it rain bells. I played nearly every day for over a year, before I decided to wipe my town “New Deli” off the map. Mayor Sandwich had a good run, but it was time to start a new village. After all, my favorite villager Cyrano moved out during one of my lapses. The town could not go on without Cyrano. Yet every town I created afterwards flopped. I could not get interested in New Leaf ever again, I thought.

And then a week ago one of my best friends got herself a copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, as did her friends at school… New Leaf was back, and I had a reason to play again. Mayor Sandwich moved into the town of Ole Deli, and I was right back into my old rhythm. One big difference between 2013 Ken and 2015 Ken: back then I was a night owl, and now I’m more an early bird. Instead of keeping my town’s shops open until 11PM or Midnight, I prefer to have them open around 6 AM-7AM. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is my morning commute game. I run around doing errands in town, and before I know it, I’m at my bus stop. It’s perfect.

Russian Grand Prix
Speaking of perfect, The Russian Grand Prix was on today. I woke up around 6:50 AM and started the NBCSports stream in time to catch a little pre-race news and predictions. Had amaretto flavored coffee, waffles, and potato pancakes for breakfast. Formula One honestly makes for a wonderful morning, when the timing is right. The next race will be in America, so, it’s probably going to be more like a lunchtime race. In any case, with four more races left (America, Mexico, Brazil, and Abu Dhabi I believe), I’m excited for the end of the F1 Season. 2015 is a fine year, better than 2014 in some respects, worse in others, but I want to see 2016 roll around in March and hopefully, with dramatic differences.  If you want to hear my full thoughts on the Russian GP, check out my video review here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3ymtneI-BKr3VM39HzxDgA

Cocktail Party
Finally, I actually finally had a cocktail shindig on (10/3)! I made four Thin Mints, which is a recipe with Creme de Menthe, Cacao, Vodka, and a chocolate cream of your choice. I went with Chocolate Almond Milk since I had vegan guests, but Bailey’s Chocolatini Creamer is also great. Felt so great to make drinks for people, and to serve them in ornamental glasses too, it was just perfect! Looking forward to doing it again.


What’s Up? (5/1/15)

Graduation Weekend
Finals Week, (4/18)-(4/23), was filled with health issues and long nights of essay writing at Hillman Library. It was not what you would call, stressful, rather the opposite. I had everything under control, my papers were written, I studied for my exam in Roman Civ, my poetry manuscript was complete–really everything school-related was perfect, my health was the only thing that sucked. Breaking out in sweats, fevers, lots and lots of coughing. Now that’s all gone, and all I really remember, is the Graduation Weekend that followed Finals Week.

It was a three day stretch filled with great food, good times, family, and booze. My family, I think, got to experience a really nice selection of Pittsburgh establishments, and different types of neighborhoods. Me and my friends went out on a high note with a massive karaoke party that was totally worth whatever repercussions we were returned–understandably you cannot throw a karaoke party that lasts until 6 AM without consequences. Finally, there were the professors and students who, honestly, I was really surprised by how much some professors remembered me–and how many students were excited to see me at graduation. I really got that perfect graduation experience that way–feeling loved and celebrated, and in it with my family and Pitt family.

Now That That’s Over
I’m at home, spending a lot of time doing nothing. It’s alright, honestly I wish I could let myself enjoy the doing nothing a bit more. It drives me crazy though, basically just having the internet, some video games to keep me occupied. I need to start a new GlitchFox song or a Photoshop project… Or something. Because I’m all antsy waiting to go to England, but also really excited to see some friends here in New York, intensely waiting for Formula One to return, and all the while I just don’t know what to do with myself. I’m not really on vacation–I have to find a job, and a place to live–but it feels like I’m supposed to vacation a little bit right now. It’s all very, weird–it’s enjoyable at times, but also, it stirs up anxiety, not knowing what you’re doing.

What’s Up? (3/1/15)

Back to Normal
So, after a week or so of being sick, things returned to normal this week(2/23/15)-(2/28/15). I missed no classes, I made up missed work, and, let’s see… I think what was most important was just being out in the open again. Not bedridden. Not too sick or tired to want to hang out with people and do things. So, in fact, going out Friday night to a new place, with new people, doing very old things, might have been the most important thing this week. A mellow, “let’s drink and play Call of Duty” felt like something I hadn’t done since after High School / before Sophomore Year. It’s a very Long Island thing, to me. Like I didn’t make friends in Pittsburgh that kind of just lounged out like that, who were content to relax on some nights. It was good. It felt like my kind of tempo.

What’s Up? (2/14/15)

Friday the Thirteenth, Twenty-Fifteen, may be up there for top five best days of life ever.” – 3:36 AM, 14, February, 2015.

The Vagina Monologues
Last night was epic, a word I seldom use without cringing afterwards. When we filled 360-ish chairs for the Thursday night showing of The Vagina Monologues, I was impressed, shocked, and proud…

Then we filled 500+ chairs for the Friday night performance. Then we had to turn away another 100 people who wanted to get in. Then we raised over $2,000. I was ecstatic, hard to contain. Triumphant, face-distorting smiles, and shouts of joy. I was so happy to be a part of this, and I’m glad the show ended with smiles on my friends’ faces. If anything stressed me out about the show the last few days, and the last few weeks, it was so far away in the rear view mirror–that, that… I don’t know! We were flying down this road and the white dashes mixed with the blacktop and became a gray blur.

So I packed my tote bag, Skyy Vodka, lime juice, shaker, ice, and martini glass, and arrived at an after party. And the drinks were good and the conversation kicked ass–“Come on Eileen” was played–and I struggle to finds the words to describe this moment but I must…Because well, there was a moment where most of my friends and acquaintances were just topless and free and I realized this is me. This energy, what it stands for, I love it, and I love them.

What’s Up? (7/21/14)

I just realized I had a finished song that I was sitting on for easily, a month, and hadn’t released. I was going to play it at June’s Pulsewave, but it was a secret location and I opted to hang with the Xanax Cats instead, I think. It’s really good though… I’ll post it this week for certain.

That discovery, and more! There’s a lot of positive brain-storming happening right now. Ideas like, how will I celebrate being back in Pittsburgh? Who will I see first, and when? What outfits can I put together? Can I achieve my vision of complete color coordination? Pants match the t-shirts, which match the scarves, and maybe even the watches. Will I learn to make coffee from grind? Maybe French Press, or my own single-serve machine. Should I pull the trigger on a piece of exercise equipment? A part of me thinks it would be excellent to have a tiny stationary bike in the room. Could get some exercise while I’m going some readings for English or watching Netflix or something.

As my internship goes into its final four days, and my time on Long Island into their final sixteen, it’s only normal for me to be this excited about Pittsburgh again. There are some things I’m still itching to do before that happens though. 1) A drink with the Interns. 2) Another pool & beach session with the Xanax Cats. 3) Drawing my Summer Passport entries. 4) Maybe see Nine Inch Nails a fourth time. 5) Hang out with a Slimeball. 6) Having more Vodka.

What’s Up? (12/31/2013) Part Two

7:00 PM: The heat is on. People are coming over in just an hour. Cleaning up your designated hang-out area can be a source of anxiety, but a source of fun too. Your favorite music is on, you’re cleaning to the beat, and finding clever ways to make your rooms look clean and tidy. What your guests don’t know doesn’t hurt them, so swipe the dust off the table onto the floor, kick everything underneath the couch, hide your trash as best as you can, or throw it away without a second thought. Do whatever it takes to create the illusion that your place has been ready for days, not minutes. Leave some knick-knacks laying around, after all, you do live here, and random stuff on the coffee table, in the bathroom, or at a desk can be a source of conversation.

And one roll of paper towels is never enough, that one roll won’t be there when you need it: leave two at opposite ends of the room, or three or four scattered around so that whoever hears your cries for help can save you in time.

What’s Up? (12/31/2013)

2 AM: The last day of the year is upon us. I don’t have a great feeling about this New Year’s Eve. Things feel off. Last year there was a great big party in my attic; lots of friends showed up, I had only had a smart-phone for a few weeks at that point, I tried Jägermeister for the first time, and there were good vibes. This year around, I don’t know. There are going to be less people in my attic, by my own choice; the host’s difficult guest-list decision, the make or break of the party.

A party is like a puzzle; and the right assortment of snacks, drinks, music, and people will make a pretty picture. But if you invite everybody you know, you’re left with extra pieces, and trying to force them together is simply awkward and ruins everything.

I have a bad feeling there are going to be extra pieces. Until that happens, I’m going to make the last twelve hours of 2013 as good as possible. That means, oh, five or six hours of sleep, pizza; chilling with my best friend, and then trying my best to put together the right pieces for a party. And then, 2014. Sweet, sweet 2014. Let me tell you right now, 2014 will be spectacular.