What’s Up? (7/15/14)

If I were feeling excited about the future yesterday, after a night of sleep, I’m tired about the present.

I’m tired of defending myself every time I choose pink in this house. Because I chose the pink umbrella, and no, it wasn’t the only umbrella they had left. I chose the pink phone, the pink shirts, the pink pants. I like the god damn color so back off.

I’m tired of half-assed foods around the house. Sure, I don’t do the shopping and, free food is great – but Jesus Christ, nothing is “normal” food. Everything is half-calories, 100-calories, 90-calories.

I’m so tired of the Long Island Rail Road. I’m so tired of waking up an not knowing if I’ll have a seat on the way to work, and I’m beyond tired of fighting for a seat like an animal after work.

I need to go now, unless I’ll miss a train that might not have any seats for me.