What’s Up? (12/1/15)


I’m thankful that this Thanksgiving was a real uneventful, pleasant, just eat awesome food with your friends and family kind of Thanksgiving. It’s what I missed. Good food, warm conversations. Wine. Best friends. Really went all out for four nights there, if only to return to frozen food and pasta in Pittsburgh. But hey, that’s okay. I can make time if I want to cook, especially on the weekends. It’s just the pace of things usually leaves me wanting to do as little as possible when I get home.

Taking Care of the Inside 

There was an eight-day lapse where basically no exercise was done, and a lot of good food was consumed. I wouldn’t say just because I got back to Pittsburgh that I’ve fallen into a healthy routine again. If anything, I’m kind of focusing on some internal things right now. A few cups of tea to brighten up the day. A movie in the evening to entertain. Sitting back and enjoying Fargo Season Two while not on the back of a stationary bike.

I haven’t forgotten the sacred rule…

“Everyday, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan for it, don’t wait for it, just let it happen.” – FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper

It’s just, these last two days, I’ve needed more presents than self-improvement physical activity. Long as I live I’ll never forget to do things that keep me happy. I guess one of the things that’s keeping me happy right now is the prospect of not exercising right now. I know it’d be good for me, but in a way, so would pizza, Netflix, and a long nap.

What’s Up? (3/12/14)

It’s 3:30 AM, and I’ve got a splitting headache that’s been on and off all day yesterday. Now, I didn’t take anything to alleviate this, but why? Let me start off by saying that pseudoscience and a mistrust of medicine and medical professionals is a dangerous and destructive thing; it’s the whole reason measles of all things has infected more people in NYC this March than usually get infected in a year, because people are paranoid about the side effects of vaccinations. Still, that being said, I feel hesitant to take anti-headache stuff for some reason. I don’t think it’s born out of a mistrust of medicine, but I don’t feel like things like Aleve, Advil, or Tylenol have ever really helped. Even if they did help, I’m not jumping for a quick cure for a headache; they’re not debilitating, I’ve worked through plenty of them before, in fact I just worked through three hours of art with a headache. If I still have it when I wake up, I’ll have a cup of tea, and if it’s still there after a warm shower, then I’ll give in and find a pill to swallow. I’m not embracing naturalistic nonsense; tea and showers aren’t cures to headaches, but maybe the headache will happen to go away while I’m doing those things, and then I’ll have waited out the problem. Win: me. 

Also, throwing this idea out there because I’ve been thinking on it for a day or two, and shared it with friends. Sbarro has filed for bankruptcy, so who knows how long they’ll be around for? The last time I had Sbarro was during a Mets’ game at Shea Stadium, and that was a very long time ago, and I remember it being underwhelming. The idea: to get a final slice of Sbarro’s pizza, and record a review of it on my laptop, while in Pittsburgh International Airport. My friends laughed, and the idea is intentionally ridiculous to be sure. My love of pizza is a joke with friends, but this is pushing it to an extreme, though one that I think could be funny. My friends trash-talked Sbarro, and I don’t have high expectations, but my mother seemed to fondly remember its rise to food-court stardom. This is a silly idea, and one that will test my ability to do something unusual in public, but it’s an act of preservation: and I’m a little obsessive about preservation.

How Was Your Break?

My break was good, thanks for asking. Good times were had with the family; I bonded over music with my father, got into no fights with my brother, and the whole family  watched home videos from 1994-1997 together. Better than average times were had with friends; I learned how hair is bleached and dyed, I played with a puppy, I had hard cider for the first time (though I still need to get my hands on some Hereford-made stuff), caught up with friends, found out where acquaintances are in life, I found out Paul Walker died while I was having my first and only slice of New York Pizza while on break, I Mario-Partied it up, and I had a very nice diner at Paddy’s Loft.

Now, into the eye of the storm. Two papers due this week. One exam. One Power Point presentation. Internship applications. Potential internship interviews. Three papers due the week after that. Two interviews left to complete for the Journalism Paper. Two final exams.

Hold me.