Yvonne: Log Six



Eight badges in and ready to take on the Elite Four and League Champion, but how did we get here? Well, since last time, I raised a Level 1 Beldum from Japan into a hardy Level 73 Metagross that wrecked shop on the final Gym Leader, Wulfric. Wulfric might be one of my favorite Gym Leader personalities, though I’ve always thought Ice Trainers were particularly well designed. But lets go back a second there: from Level 1 to Level 73 in five days, and that’s not with excessive play either, that took all of four or five hours to do. That’s the speed at which Pokemon can be raised now I suppose, with foreign country, traded, lucky egg, exp. share, and Pokemon-Amie bonuses.

Lv. 73 Metagross
Lv. 70 Florges
Lv. 73 Heliolisk
Lv. 72 Kingdra
Lv. 70 Haxorus
Lv. 71 Meowstic

Lv. 62 Umbreon
Lv. 60 Dragalge
Lv. 54 Hippowdon
Lv. 55 Gothitelle
Lv. 56 Noctowl
Lv. 59 Staraptor

Future Prospects
Lv. 48 Whiscash
Lv. 30 Xatu
Lv. 16 Frogadier
Lv. 50 Trevenant
Lv. 45 Torkoal
Lv. 37 Litwick

I’ve been trying my hand at random online battles, and it’s very addicting. I think after I beat the Elite Four, I might begin training teams specifically for online competitive play, maybe even entering the world of IV/EV training that I don’t care for so much.

Yvonne: Log One

So, I’ve had Pokemon Y for a few days now, and I figured I should write something about that. The game sets the right tone at the 3DS App Screen, playing a few notes from a Pokemon theme that distinctly remind me of Pokemon Stadium. That is to say, the game evokes nostalgia immediately.

They let you choose whether your character is a boy, or girl; a feature present since Pokemon Crystal, but this time around you can pick your skintone too. There’s three to choose from: white, slightly less white, and black. Honestly, I don’t understand what would have been so hard about giving you access to a skin tone slider, but diversity is diversity I suppose.

I go with the slightly less white preset girl, and name her Yvonne. I choose Chespin, the grass type starter, and pretty soon I’m rolling with a Weedle, a Pikachu, a Squirtle, a Zigzagoon, and a Torchic. I feel like the game through a lot of options at me pretty quickly. It’s not like there were only five or six Pokemon available in the first 15 minutes, I could have made a full team from the first patch of grass, probably.

The music is great, getting to see battles in 3D graphics is a long-welcome addition (and also reminds me of Pokemon Stadium), and there’s a very good mixture of elements from all past generations of Pokemon. Pokemon-Amie; a new feature, is a surprisingly addicting bond-building set of minigames that you can play with your team. It might sound dumb, but I absolutely love being able to pet and feed Pokemon… and yeah, I know how lame that sentence might sound. It works though, and I feel like the EXP Boost makes the feature worth using from a purely mechanical perspective.

I open my mouth and stick out my tongue, and Espurr opens his mouth in shock. I smile, and it smiles back. I take the stylus and pet him on the head, his big eyes close. It’s a cute series of interactions, and I’m a 20-year old dude, just imagine how much the kids are probably falling for this stuff! Espurr was motivated in battle, because I played with him, and leveled up faster because of his affection. He’s evolved into a Meowstic now, and thanks to all of that Pokemon-Amie stuff, I have a really hard time imagining him not being on the team.