Yvonne: Log One

So, I’ve had Pokemon Y for a few days now, and I figured I should write something about that. The game sets the right tone at the 3DS App Screen, playing a few notes from a Pokemon theme that distinctly remind me of Pokemon Stadium. That is to say, the game evokes nostalgia immediately.

They let you choose whether your character is a boy, or girl; a feature present since Pokemon Crystal, but this time around you can pick your skintone too. There’s three to choose from: white, slightly less white, and black. Honestly, I don’t understand what would have been so hard about giving you access to a skin tone slider, but diversity is diversity I suppose.

I go with the slightly less white preset girl, and name her Yvonne. I choose Chespin, the grass type starter, and pretty soon I’m rolling with a Weedle, a Pikachu, a Squirtle, a Zigzagoon, and a Torchic. I feel like the game through a lot of options at me pretty quickly. It’s not like there were only five or six Pokemon available in the first 15 minutes, I could have made a full team from the first patch of grass, probably.

The music is great, getting to see battles in 3D graphics is a long-welcome addition (and also reminds me of Pokemon Stadium), and there’s a very good mixture of elements from all past generations of Pokemon. Pokemon-Amie; a new feature, is a surprisingly addicting bond-building set of minigames that you can play with your team. It might sound dumb, but I absolutely love being able to pet and feed Pokemon… and yeah, I know how lame that sentence might sound. It works though, and I feel like the EXP Boost makes the feature worth using from a purely mechanical perspective.

I open my mouth and stick out my tongue, and Espurr opens his mouth in shock. I smile, and it smiles back. I take the stylus and pet him on the head, his big eyes close. It’s a cute series of interactions, and I’m a 20-year old dude, just imagine how much the kids are probably falling for this stuff! Espurr was motivated in battle, because I played with him, and leveled up faster because of his affection. He’s evolved into a Meowstic now, and thanks to all of that Pokemon-Amie stuff, I have a really hard time imagining him not being on the team.