What’s Up? (10/28/13)

So here’s something that literally just happened: I was browsing Reddit when I saw a post about Animal Crossing from /r/AnimalCrossing, and thought to myself “Oh no! I forgot to check the campsite in my town!” I stopped what I was doing, which was already procrastination from work, to go turn on Animal Crossing. I very specifically chose not to say, “turn on” instead of “play” because, how could I really call what I’m doing “playing?” I’m turning on a game, so that I can go talk to a dude – a horse named Elmer (which is morbid of you, Nintendo) – and convince him to move into town. I treat it more like a responsibility than something I’m doing because I enjoy it, but of course I do enjoy it, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this.

…That being said this Elmer guy is pretty interesting, and we’re playing some games of wager and chance, which are pretty addicting.

This week has been low-key, which was nice for a change. Busy, but not overwhelming. Fun, but not crazy. This week will be the exact opposite, guaranteed. Two exams, guests staying at the apartment, another 21st birthday, Halloween parties, the usual writing workload, shopping in order to be well stocked for guests! Oh my goodness! A challenge of a week! I’m excited, and nervous… so let’s do this!


What’s Up? (8/12/13)

I honestly don’t know what day it is anymore. I’ve got so little time until I go back to Pittsburgh. I’m running out of time to find somebody to see Anamanaguchi with me this Friday.  I’m leaving the 22nd and moving in one the 23rd. My battery is at 42%. I spent today catching up on my Showtime shows, after spending yesterday consumed with Breaking Bad. I’m trying pack my possessions early so that move-in-day isn’t so chaotic. It’s hard to pack your possessions early because putting something away now means not using it or seeing it for x amount of days. Is this as organized as this box could be? Could I fit more into this box? This box is freaking heavy.

No joke though, one box is like 90% books and shouldn’t be carried by a single person.

I either need more time or less time, but I hate this in between phase. There’s not enough time to do everything I wanted this summer, there’s too much time to just pack up and leave just yet. What’s left is this weird feeling that I don’t like. Trying to squeeze the most out of everything; making every day perfect – it just makes every day worse. It’s like squeezing the last drops out of a lemon I’d rather just toss.

Other than that, times are okay. These last days aren’t so bad in reality, just very tiring on the mind. My battery is at 37%.

What’s Up? (7/21/2013)

Hey! It’s been a bit since I wrote, so what’s up? Well, I’m playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf just about every day for two hours. I play an hour in the day, checking the shops to see what I can buy – and doing some miscellaneous quests and whatnot – and then an hour at night for bug-catching and pawn-shopping. New Leaf is incredibly satisfying, so glad I picked up Target’s last copy of it a few weeks ago.

I’ve also been playing some Borderlands 2, and I don’t know how I feel about the game. Like the first game, Borderlands 2 is freaking amazing to look at. The art style of the Borderlands Universe, the music, the ability trees, the sheer number of numbers to compute when trying to choose loot. There’s so much to like about Borderlands 2: and then there’s so much to dislike about it. The characters are… well, I don’t know. And the writing is… well, I don’t know. Flat. They try really, really hard – and that’s the problem. The enemies aren’t funny, just annoying, most characters aren’t likable, just annoying. The bland characters, the try-hard stabs at humor, and the incredibly annoying enemy banter/threats get in the way of my enjoyment of the gameplay and aesthetics of Borderlands 2. I can’t understand why I’ve put 8 hours into it sometimes, and I don’t know why I’m going to go back for more in the future.

Heading to the Silent Barn in Brooklyn in a few… twelve… hours or so. Going to see if I can be integrated into their internet team and be of assistance to them. I’m very excited at the possibility of being able to volunteer for some pretty cool people and raise some awareness about some pretty cool art and science.

90’s Music Reviews will return this week.