What’s Up? (6/18/2013)

I’m going home in four days! Woo! I really miss everybody on Long Island and we’re going to make the most of this damned summer. I’m talking going to the City, going to the Beach, doing illicit things future employers don’t want to here about, and seeing some freaking movies. And the Beck concert, of course. I’m seeing Beck in August, Jesus Christ I’m seeing Beck in August.

The hardest part of the four-day stretch is over, I worked really hard all of Monday collecting sources and putting together a speech that I just delivered about an hour and a half ago. As a precaution I gave my 3DS to a friend to hold onto until this two-day work session was over, just to prevent me from even thinking about playing Pokémon Black 2. He gets out of his night class at like, 7 or something, so that’s when I get to be reunited with the 3DS and start to relax and enjoy my final days here.

Relaxation starts now: I’m going to listen to some royalty free music from Audionetwork.com, I’m going to get a Steak Quesadilla at Vera Cruz, and goddamn it I’m going to down a few cans of Limonata Sanpellegrino.